New led Cree XT-E

Love to hear how you get on with that change. My SH-035 turns blue on a 14500. Needs a driver and emitter swap.

This new LED looks very promising. I calculated that it will outperform an XP-G with around 10 pct. more light at 1.5A and run appr. 8 degree Celsius cooler (both bin R5).

At 1A one can expect 330 lumen Out-The-Lens dropping to 295 when hot.

and maybe cheaper ?

I think the real advantage of these LEDs is their price, perhaps now we will start to see some of the cheaper lights coming out with these LEDs rather then some of the less efficient LEDs at the same price point.

and maintain output at high temps

that will be interesting

once we can find one on pcb, anybody else want to chip in on sending one to Match?

I’d chip in

Looks like NO-ONE has the XTE in any type of white in stock yet. Checked All the usual suspects - Mouser, Digikey, Arrow, Avnet, TTI, etc..

Give it a little time.. Probably not 'really' released yet. Maybe a few LARGE volume CREE Customers are getting them, but the distributors aren't yet.

I'll update about it somewhere. Currently waiting to see the lay of the land for decent 16-17mm drivers compatible with this new piece. Thankfully my SH-035 runs decent off of 14500s but it gets real hot real fast, so I've limited it to NiMH use. But with a TrustFire R5-A3 on my side most often, there's no incentive to ever grab the Aurora. Or much else.

Concur you can get some cheapish XP-G lights but they're still generally at the higher end, particularly for AA. Hopefully we'll get some decent lights with these. And they're potentially more efficient then the XP-G given the different rating temperature.

The price is similar to the xp-g ;)

XTE = 5.49€

xpe = 4.99€

XPG = 5.49€

This one would have a very blue tint, I guess. ;-)

Sure but the color doesn't matter with a view to the price ...

I've seen it claimed in quantities it's about 40% cheaper then the XP-G. And it's still fairly new.

BTW that's a royal blue XT-E which has been available for a while. The whiteys are still not easily available in retail AFAIK.

XT-E = $3.17 at

XB-D = $2.07 at

hmm looking at the led looks like mounds of sand instead of a flat phosphor

My guess is that this is Cree's way of increasing die surface area without increasing the package size.

I wonder what that does to the beam quality.

Crazy lookin'. Check out the green stuff going through the die.

It should make for an interesting beam image when fully zoomed in an aspheric light.