[New] Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 Ti

That works, but it is still difficult to see, the material below the lumintop engraving might be real copper

It works for me.

Looks like copper indeed, which is a pity because I like brass better for this purpose (structurally stronger, while still having good heat conductance). I ordered one (from Fasttech, they are cheap, and you can use code BLF for a bit less even) but not sure I would have done that if I knew it was copper.

Well, it’s not that you did not know, since they kept advertising with copper head :sunglasses:

:rage: :wink:

Works for me (L.J.Gibbs).

Looks like copper indeed, strange. Is the coating silver? Looked like brass in earlier pictures.

The sun was quite bright and I had used a bit of metal polish to make the copper come out more which I think has lightened the “brass”.

Ah I see. Thanks for clearing this all up btw.

Glad I could make a contribution to the community.

What is the price?

I paid 46 doll hairs posted to the uk. Your mileage may vary.

the above photo looks like nickel plated brass

different than the advertised info:

gold plated:


(yellow) “copper” (aka brass, aka “messing”):

Im not sure which version(s) are actually shipping…
maybe more people will post photos of the actual light they receive.

Do all Tool AA Ti use XP-L2 LED (I understand specs indicate XPL-HD, but actual based on some reports appear to be XP-L2) , or are there variants with XPL-HD or Nichia 219C?

I’ve bought some with Nichia before. Not sure if they’re still available anywhere.

Edit: I was being absent minded. I was thinking of the aluminum Tool AA, not the Ti version.

They have a 219C version as well.

Another interesting thing is that Lumintop assured me it is real-RED copper (just as the complete new copper Tool) with a gold colored paint coating on it to match the color of the clip.

Red Copper Tool AA 2.0
64 grams empty.
pic link to more info

Got a Tool Ti AA 2.0 recently.

I quite like it.

  • Simple 4-mode light
  • Head is gold-plated brass and looks great.
  • Lighted switch
  • Smooth reflector for good throw.
  • Bezel is not glued so not too hard to do an emitter swap. It was stiff to unscrew the first time, but there was no glue. I replaced the cool white emitter with a neutral-white 4000K XPL HI.
  • The knurling is quite rough. It feels great in the hand. Very grippy. It also shouldn’t tear up your clothes if you use the clip since the clip does not rest directly on the knurling.
  • The knurling is rough enough to make a very effective nail file. Very convenient if you’re traveling and can’t have a pocket knife nail file on you.

Hope it’s not a problem digging up a relatively old thread, but I needed to vent a moment. And possibly prevent others from being disappointed after doing business with Lumintop.

Just discovered mine has a Nichia 219c as well. I bought it from the official AE store as XPL HD neutral white over a year ago. The different emitter on top of that stupid bunny logo that was not in their advertising photos (they also ruined an otherwise beautiful copper FW3C this way).

This was before I was active on BLF and started recognising specific emitters, tints, etc. Feeling a bit stupid I didn’t look it up better back then.

I notice that the Tool AA 2.0 now uses XP-L2 instead of XPL-HD, although there doesn’t seem to be mention of “XP-L2” in any of the Tool AA 2.0 description links that I can find.

Nichia 219C version of Tool AA 2.0 seems to be more of a limited batch, since they seem to be quite rare (not often available)…

Oh I do like the 219c, nothing wrong with that. What pisses me off is that the product you receive does not correspond to the description and/or photo. Not once, but twice (same order though). Then I’m gone as a customer. I mean what’s the main feature of a flashlight? The emitter producing the light. It has to match! Photos are also important to be accurate when it comes to the ‘special’ metals since they are often bought specifically for their distinct looks. And significantly higher priced.

Btw, didn’t know that it was a bit rare. I feel a bit better about it now, thanks :beer: