New moding tool?

Egad! Dems LEDs be everywhere these days:

i’ve thought about buying a lighted skinning knife. but. pliers?

Yep, and of course we have LED screwdrivers and drills for a long time. There is even a socket wrench with LEDs that shine through the socket.

I am thinking about building an LED axe for the next time I get the urge to go out and do some late night axe murderin’ J) Might start small with the LED hammer…

Back in the early 70’s they were talking about putting microprocessors in everything from washing machines to toasters. Well here we are. My only question is, what took so long for the LED’s?

This is an oldie, but it’s still a goodie :slight_smile:

400 lines of code!!

Oh so last millenium… move into the modern age: Nichia 219 Motion Sensitive Piss Light

It’s still going strong… never failed my yet. I’ve swapped the emitter a couple of times. It’s got a 3600K Nichia 119 in it now.

Yea, but 399 of them are NOPs, the other is a jump. I would have used an analog computer in it… aka a resistor.

If Microsoft had coded those pilers, it would have 3 million lines of code and booting up your pliers would take 10 minutes. I wonder how often you’d get the Blue Screen of Death.

only when you let someone else use your pliers

That’s the trouble with high tech, by the time it hits retail, it’s already obsolete!

It so hard to keep up, Oh well…………

you can say that again, you would also need to connect it to the internet so it can check its validation code at regular intervals (which would fail at random times)
with no screen you would never see the BSOD, the pliers would just lock up and become your latest microsoft paperweight while you hope your reboot brings it back 10 minutes later

a pc is hardly a paperweight w/o microsoft

If Microsoft got their hands on it, they'd replace the handles that had served you well for decades with hip new handles that look great but suck for productivity, and require aftermarket handles to make it work like you're used to a professional tool working.

classic handle?

And it all runs under Windows HT (hand tool). Windows PT (power tool) had been delayed for another year.

and the second tuesday of every month you’d have to use your back up pliers while they patch up your MS pliers

First thing I did after purchasing my pliers was to nuke Windows HT & install linux. Smooth as silk. Android pliers are on the way for those that think “linux” is scary or hard. Cyanogenmod to follow soon.

Apple ipliers are an option. Of course the price is higher, they work best on apple bolts & they just banned all locking plier apps for reasons known only to them. Rumor has it that ipliers 2 will have locking & come in limited edition gold bling color (Each store is only getting 5 gold ones & the line started last month).