New research on revitalizing lithium-ion cells

All good…really, thank you for sharing that! I tried my old uni login but it’s clearly expired. :slight_smile: Tried another and it was still going to make me pay. I know these folks have to earn some money that doesn’t come from a grant but paywalls are so frustrating.

The solid-electrolyte interface (SEI) layer that forms on the anode.

Growth of the SEI layer causes capacity fade by removing active lithium from the system irreversibly.

This does not stop them from testing their proposed solution on worn out batteries.
As i said i don’t expect success but the testing is very achievable.

There are a bunch of 35Es and MJ1s in my test lab that a previous student abandoned. I can fire them up and try a few of these techniques (I haven’t yet read this paper, but happen to be working on some similar projects). Not sure how many cycles they have, but maybe I can dig through her file folders and find out. If I get around to it I’ll share the results

I look forward to your results if you do this!