New to site, got questions - From NYS

Gee, you are not. Any places in our area selling any good stuff??

Joe C

Not that I know of

Got the J18, two 26650 batteries and TR006 charger today. They were shipped Saturday by Fedex and got it today. Pretty good for China! The charger is working and the light looks great. I was out walking in the rain tonight with it. It was like walking in daylight! I got the batteries on charge now, they should charge to 4.2v, right? And what voltage should they go down to before I charge?

I see on another thread here someone posted a site selling red Ultrafires, look really cool and they match my new red car. And only $13. Wow, what a deal. Will order later on.

Joe C

Yes charge lithium ions to 4.2v. Try to always stay above 3.0v, but really they are pretty well discharged when you get to 3.3v.

Stay away from Ultrafire batteries. They have a very bad reputation and can be very dangerous. Almost always have false claims of capacity and frequently found to be reused cells.