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Hi all,

First Post so be gentle.
I’m looking at treating myself a P30 then came across this forum and it’s great and learning soo much. Then found alot of torches recommended on budget not available UK which met my needs, small thrower type torch for walking my whippet at night.

Can anyone recommend safe website to buy from? Likes of GT mini. C8 etc?

Welcome Lloyd

Nealsgadgets is safe, although shipping to the UK can take a few weeks.

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I can recommend the following Asian vendors for flashlights and supplies - they probably ship to the UK without any issues. I believe that I have successfully shopped at all of them.

Simon (convoy)

Hi Lloyd, welcome to BLF.

I live down in Devon and use some of my torches while walking my Podenco, has some similar traits to the Whippet but also likes to climb trees, fences, scaffolding, etc. and has a completely uncontrollable prey drive.

Banggood and Gearbest are good and safe stores to buy from.
(Only Banggood is shipping batteries to the UK at the moment)

There are several members here that get us nice discounts on flashlights and accessories from both mentioned stores. I have listed a few of them and links to some of there threads below:
Members Fin7 (Banggood & GearBest) , M4D M4X and freeme

The GT mini and the C8 are great lights and good throwers, personally I prefer a torch with a bit more flood than those when walking the dog but its all down to personal preference.

I sell a few of my torches on eBay occasionally but unfortunately sold my GT mini and a couple C8’s end of last year. Only thing similar’ish I have for sale at the moment is a Utorch Sofirn C8F 3500lm Triple which I’m selling together with a 21700 4000mah battery and a charger

Get the P30, you’ll like it. Small, but it means business.

If you like Nitecores, the MH20 has a coupon from GB for 50bux (convert to £ as appropriate). That’s my current EDC, no looking back.

The MH20GT (“greater throw”) is a bit throwier, but I’ve never seen any flash sale or coupon for it.

If you don’t mind bigger, the C8F kicks arse. Get the one that takes a 21700 and get the kit. The thicker tube is more “balanced” relative to the head for a better feel, vs the 18650 version, ’though the latter’s still quite nice. I’ve got a C8 Army, including most if not all the Sofirns.

Hi and welcome lloydus.


Thanks for comments. Will I be hit with custom charges coming into UK?

hit & miss, - USA stuff coming in seems intercepted a lot more than say China Hong Kong.
some do mark the value down to get it past.

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Hey Lloydus,
I’ve used Fasttech, Banggood and Kaidomain, and also Mountain Electronics in US and LED4Power in Croatia succesfully. You’ll have to be patient with the international delivery though, especially from China.

How come your name isn’t Lloyduk? :smiley:

not sure, but when i buy stuff from banggood i always chose priority direct mail, never get any fees and they ship via postnl so ucan probably avoid fees using that option aswell if available to UK…


Thanks for signing up, lloydus!