New Utilitech 4xAAA Light at Lowe's USA, Go get one.

i swapped the emitter out of mine to an xpg2 neutral, works good on my 18500s

Very goodlooking, robust, and practical light! I like it!

Well, mine has managed to find a way to conk out after less than two months of mostly sitting for two months in my glovebox. It seems like it’s probably the battery holder.

Need to replace led .bought a XML T6 solder it in place and it sucks .what do I need to do to get the brightness and throw I want.
From eBay.
Emitter Brand: Cree
Emitter Model: XM-L T6
Light Color:White Light
Color temperature:6500-6800K
Output Power: 10W
Luminous Flux : 960lm
Diameter: 20mm
Driving Current: 3000mA
Voltage: 3.0~4.0V
Application: Great for flashlight DIY.
Material: Aluminum plate + electronic components

Hi Allglorytoadonai and welcome to the forum. You won't get much throw with the xml/xml2 domed. The emitter is pretty large for that small reflector. It would improve dedomed, but it may still not meet your desire for throw. To get a lot of lumens out of that light, you will need to go to Li-ion power and get a decent driver. I think O-L has another mod thread on the light that my help you decide what to do.

Best wishes.

EDIT: Searched, but this seems to be the only one he had on this light. I have this one, but it doesn't make the light throw well.

Peeled off the dome ,now it won’t turn on I think the led is ok.I was carful removing the dome. Is there replacement pills ,reflectors and lens for these lights .mine is the defiant model?

There are 3 delicate bond wires that are in the dome. Most people remove the dome by dissolving it in gasoline. Most likely these bond wires tore off with the dome. The emitter will not work without them. If you are able to take a close up of the emitter, we might be able to tell you if they are still intact. Here is probably the best thread on the topic.

Hey guys, This non-AR coated glass lens fits the light. There is a tad bit of extra room, but I forgot to measure. If anyone finds a AR coated lens that fits, please tell.

I'm hoping Lowes restocks and eventually lowers the price to a reasonable level. I like the light with the clip. They need to go smooth reflector though.

So after wrecking the light by peeling off the dome .home depot will get me a replacement by wed. Great customer service. Has anyone bought both lights and compared them?

When did Home depot ever have this light? I checked just about every week from before christmas until now. I saw them at lowes and they sold out within about 2 weeks before xmas.

It is sold there as the defiant Hd13q426
Sold only in 2 pack limited in only a few stores now because it was a black Friday deal. Two lights under 15 bucks 300 lumen. Check website then look under closest store.

Thanks guys. It makes sense now. I can see them in stock in a few stores around. I was rather surprised when I got one from lowes for $9.99. It had decent machining and pretty darn good anodizing, plus xp-g2 led.

My switch acts up occasionally in mine. Sometimes it won't turn on without some fiddling. Cheap switch!


There were a lot of complaints about that on the HD or Lowes site. It probably doesn't matter, but which one do you have Garry, the Defiant or the Utilitech?

mine did that too for a while but i just hit the side of it a few times or beat the light against the ground/wall it will come on

after a few days it stopped misbehaving

I've got the Utilitech one. It has been ok for awhile now after I gave it a good thump.


Has anyone got specs ,pics or videos of before and after on these lights . I can’t believe the is beam throws across my whole property. Over 600 feet compairs to stream light stinger hl at work that costs over 150 bucks.

I found some utilitechs at some nearby Lowes. I lack the expertise and hardware you guys have. Any way to get some better info on how to do these mods. Or does anybody have any earlier mods or revisions they want to sell? I am a newbie. thanks mike

One of my HD Defiant lights has developed a flicker too. It goes away when I click it though. The other one is fine.