Newbie looking for his first EDC Light

Hey guys,

I’m rather new in the flashlight game and I’m looking for my “Perfect EDC” Flashlight and was wondering if you guys could help.
My perfect light would need a tail cap switch and on-board magnetic charging BUT can using batteries that allow charging with micro USB like the
(Fenix ARB-L18-3500U USB Rechargeable Li-ion 18650 Battery).

Currently looking at the Olight M2R Warrior (Regular Version) since I heard it can use regular 18650 batteries which is rare for olight lol
I wish the new Warrior mini could use any 18650 since its more my ideal size light.

As such my questions are the following:

1) Can the Warrior Mini use the (Fenix ARB-L18-3500U USB Rechargeable Li-ion 18650 Battery)?

2) if not, has anyone figured out an alternative solution for the proprietary olight battery problem yet? Maybe like an adapter sleeve or something?
Shame cause I really like the warrior mini otherwise.

3) Olight M2R Warrior - Can this flashlight use the Fenix ARB-L18-3500U USB Rechargeable Li-ion 18650 Battery without a lost in Lumens and Runtime?

4) if yes, can it still charge it magnetically?

5) Can the Olight M2R Warrior access instant turbo from the side switch? Cause unlike the pro version I heard the tail switch only allows momentary turbo right?

Ps: I’m open to any brand that fit those criteria mentioned above in the 16340 and 18650 battery range, with flashlight size being the smaller the better.

Thanks in advance for the help guys, much appreciated.

Dunno the others, but the Skilhunt M200 kicks arse.

Sideswitch, though.

Great UI, too.

Haha does it? bummer it doesn’t have a tail switch though :frowning:

Do you only care about physical features (eg, tailcap, etc.) and not the UI?

well I mean the Olight UI seems pretty good to me, instant access to turbo and moonlight with momentary options are awesome lol

Hi ExaltedLight!
Welcome to BLF!

Answering some questions:

  1. The Olight Warrior Mini supposedly only works and only charges the proprietary/customized battery that it comes with, the one with double polarity in the head. I am not sure if this battery (Klarus 18GT-E36UR 18650 3600mAh 3.6V) would also work once it has dual polarity too.

2) I wouldn’t use any adapter or something similar. Unless well done, you may risk causing a short circuit…

3 & 4) I don’t have that Fenix battery, but if it is a protected “long” battery it should work and charge in the M2R Warrior. I tried other long protected batteries and they charge in the M2R. Unless the battery has any problem with the charging circuit, it should charge.

Lightbringer’s suggestion for the Skilhunt M200 is a good one :+1:

Just goggled the OWM, now I know what you mean.

As long as the inside is long enough, it should fit those 18650s that have built-in charging.

Other lights with side/tail switches are the SP31 (original, v2, etc.).

Wuben and Nitecore have lights with dual sideswitches and instant access to moonlight and turbo, and often strobe if you want it. :confounded:

I am not sure if I understood you well LB, but the OWM doesn’t work with other 18650s, long or short, if they don’t have dual polarity in the head.

I posted this photo in my review:

The spring is for the + and the ring with 3 “pins” is for the - of the battery.
To be precise, in case you want to use just the side switch you can even cover the bottom of the battery.
Although, for the tailswitch to operate and charge, it needs to be uncovered.

Hey MascaratumB!

Thanks for the warm welcome! Appreciate the help xD

1) Awesome! I have been searching forever for another non-olight dual polarity batteries with USB rechargeability that could possibly work in the warrior mini!
I wonder if anyone tested this yet? I will probably post this as a different question later on :smiley:

2) yea probably not a good idea but I was desperate to make it work since the warrior mini seems to be perfect for me otherwise. Desperate enough to go for the M2R Warrior (Regular) for its ability to use any 18650 despite the size difference. Probably still will get it as a second light xD

3) Nice! that’s good to hear! Do you think there will be any runtime or lumen loss though with the M2R Warrior due the Fenix battery not having high discharge or something?

Btw Since you have the M2R Warrior, Can it access instant turbo from the side switch? Cause unlike the pro version I heard the tail switch only allows momentary turbo right?

Glad it helped in some way!

Please note that I am NOT saying that that battery works! It has dual polarity and built-in charging , but I don’t know if the Olight Warrior Mini works with it! It has a different structure in the head despite all.

The M2R Warrior is a great light! So it may be a second light in case you need something with a good UI and also good output! I like it very much and just didn’t carry it much because it is a bigger light for EDC. The Warrior Mini is perfect for the size.

Well, probably some loss, yes but I never tried mine with non high-discharge long enough to check runtime or output. In other lights (such as the Brinyte PT18pro) I noticed that it demands a high-discharge cell, that the one included is good but it is not as good as high-discharge cells like the Sony VTC6 or the Samsung 30Q. Therefore, higher outputs hold on less time. I am not sure if M2R Warrior behaves the same way, though.

The M2R Warrior has 2 Turbos, Turbo 1 and Turbo 2, one being brightest than the other.
Through the side switch you can:

  • access Turbo 2 through double click, and another double click you access Turbo 1 (brightest).

Throught the tailswitch you have 2 configurations:

- a) Half press for Momentary Turbo + Full Press for Momentary Strobe

  • b) Half press for Momentary Turbo + Full Press for Continuous Turbo

These configurations can be alternate by: full press of the tailswitch + click the side switch.

As for the Warrior Mini, it has only 1 Turbo level.
It can be accessed by double click on the side switch.

Throught the tailswitch you have 2 configurations:

- a) Half press for Momentary Turbo + Full Press for Momentary Strobe

- b) Half press & release for Continuous Medium

- b) Half press for Momentary Medium

- b) Full press & release for Continuous Turbo

  • b) Full press for Momentary Turbo

The configurations can be done through the same way as on the M2R Warrior.

Oh. Eww. Hate proprietary batteries…

Looked again, thought you said they did work, but you were referring to the M2R.