Newbie Seeking Advice for Head Lamp

are your hands tied? why not just a regular light?

Pick up a Wowtac A2S for thirty bucks. After using it for a while, you'll either be pleased with it, or maybe find out if there are additional features you wish you had. Then, you can pick out a high-quality headlamp that fits your preferences and you'll have the inexpensive Wowtac as a nice back-up light.

You may want to consider a Boruit headlamp. A lot of bang for the buck!

I’m very satisfied with my D10. I modified it with a Nichia LED, but even stock it’s a very good headlamp. The micro USB charging also works very well.

Having a light on your head with the main goal of walking is not a good choice. A light you could clip somewhere between chest and belt height is much more practical for seeing the ground. Also, you won’t blind other walkers.

I second this! I recently replaced the emitter in my D10 with an LH351D, and along with a cheap pebbled TIR, it basically meets all my headlamp needs!

Though if you do mod a D10…ugh, the thermal adhesive makes it a real pain to remove the old MCPCB without damaging anything. I was lucky that I only stripped the insulation of some wiring, instead of snapping it entirely…

The thread Raccoon City started recently is worth a read, especially the post linked below. It shows runtime charts for several popular budget headlamps. I have not used any of the three shown, so I am reluctant to recommend one of them. That said, I was impressed by the smooth regulation offered by the Wuben H1.

Kinda doubt this is the reason for OP, but having a light not moving in sync with my head can actually make me motion sick if used for long enough or I’m walking/jogging fast enough.

but if ur just walking, ur head shouldnt really be moving much, if it does, its to see something, and ur hand should automatically follow with the flashlight to shine where you’re looking.

I mean the bobbing of my head. If I’m holding a handheld light, that will be bobbing at a very different rate and direction than my head/eyes. Same thing to a lesser extent with it clipped on my chest/waist, but can still an issue if I’m going any faster than a normal walking pace.

Like, it does happen to me so whatever the exact dynamics at play I could see it being a consideration for others. The only other time I really get motion sick/dizzy is when trying to read in a moving vehicle so I think it’s something related to whatever causes that.

This was the video I watch tat said the MH10 ran on full power for over 10 hours.

Two German Pointers.

Carrying fishing gear, rods, nets, boxes etc.

Climbing over rocks to and from marks.

Digging Lugworm.

I get the headlamp for walking idea but it is better if there aren’t a lot of other people around if you plan on having it on a higher setting. I walk on a path around a large lake in the city and even at night it’s lit fairly well. You don’t need a light there. Every now and then someone decides to wear a headlamp on a high setting and it just annoys every person they pass going in the opposite direction.

On the other hand if you are just walking the dog in a quiet area, it’s nice to have a headlamp rather than having to hold a flashlight in your hand. It’s no different than hiking. You can use a flashlight but a headlamp on a lower setting is more convenient.

I’d recommend something lightweight like a single AA Zebralight. If you don’t really need continuous light just put a small flashlight in your pocket and take it out as needed. If you do use a headlamp around others try to have it on a low setting and also look down as you get close to someone coming from the opposite direction.

Too much light just kills your night adapted vision and kind of defeats the whole point of a light in the first place.

LedLenser MH10 looks pretty expensive. You can get decent headlamps for less than half the price.

I like my Zebralight H600Fc Mk IV. It’s comfortable. But it won’t last 10 hours at 600 lumens. It’s pretty floody. Something with more throw might be better.

Do you really need 600+ lumens for 10 hours? Or could you use say 300 lumens for 3 hours and ramp it up to 1500 lumens for short bursts to check something?

I like to search through this:,\_&features=integrated%20charger

Saying it does something vs actually showing tests are entirely different…. you can also see very horrible PWM when he shined the light on the wall.

But you can choose to believe him if you wish it isnt up to me what you want to do, you asked for a recommendation I gave it. Feel free to pick one up and test it for yourself.

There are a bunch of Right angled headlamps listed here:

For 10h of 600 lumen you will need 1kg battery :smiley: But if you dont care about weight and want to surprise your brother take a look at this

OK so not JUST walking, a variety of activities…

You will go broke asking for advice on this forum !

Great point about blinding others. I take a flashlight when i go to walk my dog. When i do wear my nitecore HC50 i just put it around my neck and aim it down. I like how it has the red emitters too. Considering another 18650 headlamp because the HC50 is just too heavy on the head and it doesnt have the best runtimes.

I’m already broke Lure fishing…

Ideally, buy the right headlight once, not the wrong one multiple times.