Nichia 119 LEDs for 50 cents!

I was looking for Nichia 119 LEDs and found these, thought I would share the great find. They had these listed before for something like a $1.00 each

Wow, pretty cool deal.

Hope the shipping doesn’t kill it. :frowning:

Edit: Yikes, no shipping to Korea. :~

US only?

Thanks, Lumens. International shipping is an option but you have to email for prices:

Texaspyro has a sales thread here for the same price with cheaper (and faster) shipping if in CONUS. Priced about the same if outside the US.

I ordered on a Friday and received them on the following Monday.

These NCS? are SW4A (typo?), may be cooler than the SW40 tint texaspyro are selling (see page 3 for chromacity diagram):

Although the page says “Nichia NCSW119T Rank B11 Chromacity SW4A” it links to NCSL datasheet. Second item “Nichia NCSW119AT Rank B13” links to NCSW datasheet. :~

Probably better to email to confirm exact type he is selling.

What are people using these for I wonder?

Maybe to experiment with reflowing the LED and heatsinking? I would prefer a warmer tint, higher CRI.

I have used some of the new LEDs for retrofitting older lights that had lower lumen LEDs in them. It is amazing what the newer higher Lumen LEDs can do in older lights, they produce more light with the same amount of current. It is something I have done to several of the flashlights I have, I have a lot of flashlights that I have picked up over the last several years…. I have also done this to the solar powered lights out in the driveway, boy does make those better.

I personally prefer the cooler tints than the warmer tints, the warm tints just don’t do it for me.