Nichia 219 Motion Sensitive Piss Light

quickest way to cure a woman complaining about the seat left up?

proceed with seat down.


Hey that’s not a Bud Lite, that’s a Butt Light!

Alas, I had a higher and better use for the Nichia 219. The Nichia 219 piss light is now a Cree XLAMP-7090 piss light. :frowning:

Glad you’ve got it all shorted out. I’d request beamshots but you might actually post em. (nice thrower!)

Actually, I tried! Butt my camera has problems with the low light level.

Ok, I coaxed an image into the camera. Beamshot added to the fist post. Be careful what you ask for!

Well ain't that a pisser.

OR shaky hand, OR that unexpected side shot :bigsmile:

I hate the unexpected at a time like that.

Why oh why, no matter how much you shake, do the last drops always run down your leg???

… or a submersible toilet light, just throw it in the bowl and go … put it on a string, pull it up … rinse it off… hang it up … tell the missy it’s a night-light … :slight_smile:

I like this one because it creates a target in the toilet to piss on.

just got the motion detector i ordered(same as you used)but there is no diagram about input and output wiring,do you remember where to connect input/output?

it does actually require some maintenance. I cut a groove into the rim at the back of the toilet and epoxied a vary large Tritium vial into it. No batteries, no worries.

a photo of the motion detector module

From left to right mine is marked +5V OUT GND. That 102 resistor next to the GND pin is the one that I shorted out to directly drive the LED.

Left left hand pot on the top of the board is TIME. The other is sensitivity. My board does not have those jumpers installed in the corner. I think they are for one-shot/re-triggerable mode.

nice thanks.


i used the gnd for the led as well,i did not short the resistor yet but i have a firefly led now using 4x AAs

You need a target for low light conditions :smiley:

But seriously, what do I need to change to swap in a red or amber with this motion detector?

Good idea. Heck, they could go at the baseboard all through our house, if dim enough.
It’d be fun to see what the cat made of being tracked.

Already tempted to think about adding a relay or something to switch a bit more power to run a brighter room-sized red or amber light for evening walking around.

If I were building a new house these days for myself, I’d probably skip a whole lot of the 110v wiring and switches and lights.
Who needs that stuff anymore, for room lighting? Put it where it’s needed, move it where it’s wanted.