Nichia 219F

After 219D Nichia comes up with yet another 219 variant. Seems sligtly more efficient (1 bin up) but floodier than 219D. It doesn’t feature silicone-on-glass dome.
There are marginal differences all around.

Like 219D this one is CRI70 only.


Lets hope that these are more resistant than the turn-blue-on-turbo (Folomov 18650S) 219D.

Clemence sent me some, I’m gathering courage to test one one of these days.

We want results!!!

Working on that :slight_smile: Testing leds may be my most appreciated activity on BLF, it is also the most boring thing to do for me. So doing a led test has become a bit of a hurdle to get , and often more fun projects go first. It is a hobby you know :partying_face:

Of course. We are aware of it and we all truely apreciate your effort!
Many thx!

219F was tested by djozz, it’s not good:

Disaster… i never thought this could happen
I’ll stick to the C’s…

But the C will soon be replaced by F for good. Based with newer LEDs, Nichia approach seems to maximize the performance WITHIN rated working range, no more.
This 119/219F has performance close to 309/319B with smaller die. Bye bye overdriving Nichia


Dang… another surprise.
Well at least we’ll know what exactly can be done :confused:

There is now 219F-V1 on the Nichia site.
It appears the same except for CRI - there’s 8000 and 9050 instead of 70.

Wow, this might be interesting after all

I hope that they also changed the limited current handling of the 219F, but new high CRI options are always welcome.