Nitecore TM20K (coupon at Fin17 BLF user negotiated deals)

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215$ with coupon at banggood in Fin17 deals thread

Don’t count on me to buy this one :stuck_out_tongue:

quick overwiew of cons.
Built-in cells
Price: 300$
Built-in include only 2 years warranty so for 300$

After that it’s visibly the ligne of “K” serie’s inside TM serie’s, TM9K built in 2 years warranty same for TM10K
I’ve only bought my TM9K because i’ve found it 95$, i don’t paid more 180$ for that.

Spec are pretty stupid too:

High 3100 Lumens and direct turbo at 20.000 lumens, check the distance beam for 20.000 3100 and 1900 lumens
The balance power of the throw LED and the 18 flood LED have no sens
Claim 19 XPL-HD LED centre LED is also a XPL-HD O;O.

Voili-voilou, how destroy a good concept :frowning:
I like this designe remain EC4 (S, GT, GTS)
Remain also fenix TK35 who i’ve hesitate to buy it and a very good idea Fenix LR35R ,the host of TK35 in regression with, among others, button on the head and no on the back of light _.

Nitecore made a super button system on the back, an host thermal design supérior of LR35R.
Not perfect host cooling fine would be deeper and finer, Nitecore don’t put a great will manufactured this.
Its another no sens idea make this host and only 3100 lumens hig purpose exept turbo O_0.

The dream is the Nitecore host and probably Fenix beam LR35R with cell removable.
Nitecore TM20K beam is interesting but only 3100 lumens, and UI very strangh too
Turbo is only flood LED, throw LED seem disable

How do you think about this light?
Beamshot here

It looks good.
Peak Beam intensity seems rather on the very weak side for the “spotlight” 17Kcd (1200lm), essentially having no throw capabilities, regardless of balance between modes.
But generally such lights are gimmicks anyway, you either waste the collection of the light from the flood LEDs, or you waste the collection from the spotlight, not matter which LED is in the spotlight.

I agree with what you just said however I don’t think Nitecore use it for pur throw.
One thing, no massive comunication on the TM20K throw
Huge communication for 20.000 lumens and a quick “1800 Lumens Ultra smooth true vision flood beam” O_O
Second thing I can’t take away from Nitecore, the search a “various” beam for some model, I think TM20K is one of that.

The center LED is the main but not in objectiv for make small intense hotspot and low intensity spill, but a medium size hotspot and medium intensity spill assist by the 18 flood LED for 0-30 meter range wide angle beam
An option, the 20.000 lumens for… fun :frowning: .

If we see on Nitecore website the picture associate with TM20K and that I find on the video at 19:37, the 3100 lumens beam profil.
Ween can see a try for a “triangle beam” a very wide base and that reduces small to small up to 50 meters on the usefull limit of hotspot.
Clearly 20.000 lumens is useless I’ve TM9K you can have 9/18/50 ! led in this configuration you are limited in the beam surface.

The 3100 lumens is nice and possibly sustainable, but in this case, not utility of 20.000 lumens and built-in cell

The one thing I agree with you is that in this case they make two lamps in one and it sucks.

Rather than taking back a base of TM9K Nitecore has its Quad XPL “platform” use on E4K I4000R, P20iX.

P20iX TM9K E4K

For same size they can put 4 x 4 XPL configuration and easy made TM15K with pretty nice beam, powerfull and usable compare to the 20.000 Lumens of TM20K.

So sad, this light remain me the design of TM15 (but more basic) for a use at 5000 lumen with “modern” LED but the usable beam is limited a 3100 lumens and it’s bad for me.
I see almost the purpose of this light but the realization and the UI mixed with commercial communication mad a bad result

For that price there are may better lights.

The 1lumen review shows turbo lasting for just 6 seconds. The floody beam is almost mule like. Still, it will probably sell well to consumers who buy flashlights just based on lumens.

It’s an TM9K x 2 so they have TM9K beam for his 20K lumens, but the interest is, for me, the medium and high who use in relatively good balance 80/20 throw/flood.

The question with 1lumen test is the proportion on high mode, nitecore claim/
High 3,100 2,600 320

So 90/10 ratio
They test:
High (specs)3100 (Lumens @turn on)3220 (At 30 seconde) 3121

But don’t mesure spot power.
On previous, ok old, model TM16GT, TM26GT (HI version ok) they don’t reach more 900 lumens/LED.
2600 for the XPL HD throw LED is surprising.

Ok for the money 20.000 lumens EC06 is the only way
Don’t forget please, EC06 after pretty short time period you have 6 XPH 50.2 at 2K lumens :slight_smile:
The superiority for Nitecore they have acceptable 1900 lumens beam who after some 20K shot can be sustain this and potentially cooldown for use some other 20k shot.

Finally ther purpose around 70 meter usable beam with “triangle beam” and 70 meter “square beam” for short burst + and potentially crazy strobe ever

I notice too, if they have really 20.000 lumens strobe from TM9K :smiley:
to have tried with friends, it’s pretty hard to catch a guy with TM9K in front, not specialy the power TM03 and P20iX is same but it’s 180 degres well repartited strobe and clearly hard for eye adaptation.
I dare not imagine the double 0_0 after that depends on how the Strobe ready system is integrate.

Spot light have bad integration they can choose optic for smoothing the contours of spill.

I’ve no objection with crazy price 200$ max or offer 5 years, but if I found here for 180$ I think I take.
(I am after all a Nitecore fanboy which has in pic profil a plush sitting on a thousand dollars Nitecore light.)

I’m agree with stephenk
“* it will probably sell well to consumers who buy flashlights just based on lumens.*”
But depending on it they also make a great 1900/3100 lumens light usable, with potential high lvl for self-defence (obviously they don’t stop bullet).

The summary has a only 20.000k lumens at 300$ is an error, for me.
Compare to his inspiration, the TM9K, TM20K is more versatile and keep the major power of TM9K

Nitecore needs to fire their engineer who designed this. How can he be so stupid to use a floody XPL-HD at the center and no body at the company noticed? There are so many better emitters such as the CULPM1, SFT40, and the bunch of new Chinese emitters with impressive throw. Nitecore is going to go out of business with this kind of incompetence.

The only thing I like about this light is the 2x21700 rectangular handle

Simply they don’t want a thrower, i’ve try explain earlier.
The engineer consider the final beam they want.
I don’t think they want a small hotspot separate(on the desired distance, in this case ~220 meter ANSI) of the base beam and spill.

0-20 meter beam provid buy 18 LED in mule configuration
20-40 meter majority spill provide by spill of single LED with remains of 18 mule LED
40-70 meter a relative big hotspot provide by single LED.

0-70 metre provide by 18 LED on mule configuration/strobe.

I’m not in the Nitecore secret, but they probably want TM9K with steroid for that single cell is impossible, 2 cell in serie not compact, so 2 cell side by side, this configuration increase head size, they have space they put single LED for support beam at middle range they do that
a TM9K under steroid with a increase performance of the beam at middle/”long” range.
Marketing is ok they can claim our 20.000 output and the beam global perform are upgrade.

TM9K have usable range around 20 meter for sustain mode, TM20K have 70.

I finally find a meaning in the turbo that has as much range as the high.
20k lumens reach 220 meter wide beam but unusable, high 3100 lumens mode have same range but sustain and usable beam for same range with operate beam 0-70 egal of the turbo O_0 But in different beam pattern off curse.

I’m less likely to be wrong than for the MF01X to whom the engineers finally have only design the light for put luminous tube inside :person_facepalming:

Nitecore terminology :person_facepalming:
TM20K is not Strobe Ready, but Turbo Ready, that can change the ability to quick access strobe :weary: a bad point.

Agreed, and they seemed to have used the same design as the SRT9 with a cap at the end that pops off using two buttons on each end I suspect from seeing the photos. That one had the bad habit of one button pressed while carrying it, it then latches in place in the unlocked position on that side, and then later the other button is inadvertently pressed, and since the first one had already stuck in open position, the entire cap releases and when you grab the flashlight the batteries falls out and you have to look for the proprietary cap and hopefully find it - or else order that special spare part while having a useless flashlight in the meanwhile. That design really annoyed me in the SRT9, hope they learned something from it and improved it…

Otherwise the square 2x21700 idea is a great one, it is just so much better executed in the Felix line of flashlights (such as LR35R) where the holder screws on to the head and the thread is machined so that it stops at exactly the right place, IMO.

the tactical button is ambidextrous.

For the drop, head is the heavy parts of light and is the first to hit the ground, button selection don’t take massive hit, but I think it’s the reason of screw under, possibly “easy” change top.
I say that because on my TM9K back button is removable and can show “pin” connection back button==>Light body

Turbo ready/strobe ready are visibly configurable on TM20K manual.

When i saw this i thought ” this look like my Q8 and P36 made sweet love, and the Q8 did a mix of fentanyl and crack while pregnant”

I’ve same thing for Q8 the host design are close although I think the Q8 have more density.

When has the kinship, only Nitecore know :open_mouth:

04/01 edit:

215$ with coupon at banggood in Fin17 deals thread