Nitecore TM36 Luminus SBT-70 LED NBP52 Rechargeable Battery Flashlight 1.1km

Nitecore TM36 Luminus SBT-70 LED NBP52 Rechargeable Battery Flashlight 1.1km


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Die is 3mm in diameter versus the 3.45 mm width of the XP-E2. That and 1800 lumens makes that 1.1 km claim sound possible.

Edit: XP-E2 die width is 1mm.

And it's only $500!

Group buy?

Well at least cheaper than this :bigsmile:

Wow. NiteCore really wants to take the leap into the single-emitter Thrower class, but with a high price. if it wasn’t for the difficult to reach price range this would be a great light to mod to see how far i can be made to throw a beam.

Surefire, always taking it to the next level. Pretty sure this was their inspiration.

i can think of many more things to spend a grand on than an over-priced, over-rated Surefire. :bigsmile:

At the moment, we can arrange cpn only - bigmonster. Thanks

3.45 x 3.45mm is the size of the substrate (same as XT-E & XP-G/XP-G2), not the die size.

I blame the wiki. I'm having trouble finding the actual die size. Nvm, I found it.

ooh my god the price :open_mouth:

It uses a battery pack.

why oh why is has built in battery pack? why not 8 18650s ? :_(

Fairly reasonable price considering the tm26 is about 1/3 the size and ~$250. A lot more machine work in this monster and the proprietary battery pack (I don’t really see why the battery pack is a bad thing, Nitecore uses good cells afaik).

You won’t hear about me spending Five Hundo on a flashlight though (even with as cool as it would be to have chilling on my computer desk :slight_smile: ).

8 2300mAh batteries. Makes no sense whatsoever.

i like the sbt70 led and the looks of the light, but the built in battery pack is just dumb and probably adds $100 to the price if not more

I don’t know why the Nitecore adapted NBP-52 battery pack TM36.
NBP-52 is just 2300mAh. But Olight provides SR95S-UT with 2600mAh!!

Anyway where is TM20? I’m waiting for that!

What was Nitecore thinking?? :Sp The crappy cell pack with low capacity cells are preventing me from buying. I searched but couldn’t find anyone that modded the pack to accommodate a removable cell carrier. Has anyone found a way to mod this cell pack yet?

Nitecore makes some nice lights and I have some of them but at the high end they tend to be overpriced, at least to me. As for the battery pack, how many customers can be expected to try and scrimp on batteries or make sure that they are properly balanced for eight batteries? Once lights reach eight batteries there seems to be a tendency to go with battery packs rather than battery holders for using purchaser supplied batteries and I suspect that in part it is to reduce technical problems and customer risk as well as an attempt at idiot proofing.