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None of those lights are of any interest to me but I would be impressed if one of our clever members here with fine machining skills were to convert a spent rifle case into a workable keychain flashlight.

I’m sure they could. That’ll be neat.

Here ya go;

Wow fmc! Forgive me for being noobish, but is that a live one?

Yeah it’s got to be. Are you selling it? If so what’s the MSRP?

Follow the link - It’s DBCstm’s scratch-made build in the first annual contest.

I would like that, i’d spend over 150 to get it.

Pretty sure he gave it to a relative - guess you will have to join the competition this year & try your hand at making one :wink:

WOW! That would certainly garner some campfire envy. I hope DB doesn’t mind that I study his assembly pictures in a covert way :disguised_face:

Lol, mattV. Break yoself fool.

I would advise not trying to get on an airplane with one of those. I have had a key fob made from a .38 cal round confiscated at the airport.

Of course, I feel so much safer…