Fenix Tk75 for $150

at the DIno`s use coupon S14 (14% discount on orders above $100)

if you have some giftcards or dinopoints, this could be even a better deal!
If there is someone out there, that even has Idinor, it will be $142

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coupon SSZZCCSS will give you the following deals

Skyray King at WallBuys for $32

Fanyfire Rook at WB for $30

Thrunite TN31 XML2 for $120

refresh the page after adding the coupon, the discount may not show at first

discussion thread about these deals here: http://wallbuys.com/shoppingcart/5560/1

That code is working on more than those items. I tested it on the FandyFire L3 and brought it down to $58.74.
Discussion thread: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/17602
which has a link to the SolarStorm L3 thread.
Edit: Apparently, this code gives 15% off all flashlights and batteries. I have only confirmed it on a few items so far.

8 x AA eneloop UOMO or ROUGE $21.49 (Aus Only)

MAGLITE S5D036 Heavy-Duty 5-D Cell Flashlight, Red

Fatwallet deal
Select Amazon as seller on the right to get the price

Free SuperSaverShipping ($25+)

Anyone need a host ?

As for a forum link for discussions, maybe this

For those in the UK, 4-pack 3rd gen AA eneloops £7.19 £6.83 at 7dayshop :

Also, iCell Media are selling 4-pack 3rd gen AAA eneloops for £7.29 shipped:

Discussion thread:


BLF Thread

Sorry for the continue of the WB deals, but I believe that they are worth mentioning;

E-Smart XML-U2 (aka Roche F12) for $12,81 after coupon SSZZCCSS

Trustfire 26650, 5000mAh a set of 2 for $14 after discount
(reviews here; benckie , JackCY, HKJ)

Discussion deal alert thread for both;

Banggood has an UltraFire C8 w/XM-L T6 for $8.88. You should be able to get 10% off as well with coupon code ‘BLF’. They also have very good prices on Samsung and other batteries.

Really good price on ebay for Trustfire t-8 from Keygos which I believe is a reputable seller.I think $59.49 is pretty good price

http://www.ebay.com/itm/TrustFire-1800-Lumens-SST-80-T8-LED-Flashlight-Torch-/261009881737?pt=US_Flashlights&hash=item3cc566ba89 Edit:deal expired,back up to 69.99.

sipik sk68 aa q5 clone just for 2.99 (ordered 2), just 11 left hurry :slight_smile:


many knife less than $ 1 (ordered 2) :bigsmile: WallBuys.com is for sale | HugeDomains coupon code NEW YEAR 2013, 5% off
and SSZZCCSS 15% :smiley:

From May 15 to May 20 DX is having a 50% off sale on over 40,000 items! I was chatting with Sandy last night and she told me about it. Looks like she started a thread for it in the commercial sellers spot.

Discussion thread:

There are a few deals at solarforceflashlight-sales.com:

2x18650/4x16340 Battery Cases for 1.99 (original price 5.99) which look like a good, higher quality alternative to the standard (ultrafire etc) battery cases I’ve seen
Then the S1100 for 109.99 (original price 199.99)

found a good deal on the Olight S20 at doingoutdoors:


Zebralight SC52 + ZL 14500 battery for 59.50$ shipped at Wallbuys

BLF discussion: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/18417

Fandyfire Rook for $20 at WB!! :party:

Discussion thread here.

Here .
I have no experiences with this light though. Just thought it is a great price for someone who wants a cheap C8 to start.
Edit: Just read some of the negative reviews on Amazon. Use caution if you buy them. There might be shorting from the wires or the reflectors based on the reviews.

I know nothing about these but thought it might be a deal for someone.This is not a recommendation.


I ordered this last night after a few IPA's .Haden't seen or heard much about it on this forum. I like my E03 so I decided to get another Xeno . He has some other lights that seem like fairly good deals for a US based seller. NO return Policy though!


Need the Breathalyzer app for my paypal account!!