Noctigon DM1.12 - What thrower emitter to choose?

I was looking to configure/buy a Noctigon DM1.12 because i really like the throw/flood configuration.

Since i'm still kinda new to emitters, what emitters would you suggest for the best price/output?
I was thinking about using the XPL-HI 5D 4000K for the throw and SST-20 for the flood since it has high CRI, but i'm not sure whether the XPL has the best throw for the price.


Personally, depending on the throw you’re after Osram W1 has lowest output, furthest throw (Pencil beam), Osram W2, higher output still throws far, larger hotspot. SFT –40 double the hotspot, same intensity as W2 almost.

Can’t recall the options among the flood channel, i remember there were some issues regarding height of the emitter being an issue. Else, the lh351d 90CRI would be the floodiest option, not the highest CRI though.


First of all, thanks for your reply.

These would be the options i could afford (there are also colored emitter and the SBT90.2, but that would be too pricey for me):

W1 6000K(CSLNM1.TG)
W2 6000K CSLPM1.TG
SST-20 4000K 95CRI
XP-L HI V2 5D, 4000K
XP-L HI U4 8A, 2850K
SFT-40 6500K
Which one would you suggest?

Depends on what you’re after, but the sft-40 is great, useful throw, but still intense. W2 or sft-40 is my recommendation for throw anyways.
For flood, i’d mail Hank on the intl-outdoor adress on their homepage and ask him for lh351d as flood. But that’s me! : )

Well then, I guess I'll go with the SFT40 for throw then!
Flood channel is less important for, I think i'll choose the SST-20 400K as it has 95 CRI so i could use it for low light photography or filming.

Thank you very much for your help!

Sounds great! :slight_smile: Think you will like it! I believe they still haven’t gotten the software up to par with the other tint rampers. So you might want to send a mail regarding if you want the ramping or switching feature…
And maybe a flashing tool so you can upgrade the software further when they release a new version.

Didn't know about this, but I had already contacted Hank for my K9.3 to enable tint ramping
Also, I added the flashing kit so i can reprogram them both!

This might be an interesting read: 21700 D4KTi COLORFUL version is available Maybe from page 165 even…

You should get the SFT40 on the throw channel.

Make yourself at home, matteo_de.carli!