Noctigon K1 info / review

Nice collection throwers Gerrit! :slight_smile:

The beamshots will have more information if something remote is illuminated, with the brightness setting and white balance fixed, rather a bit under-exposed than overexposed to show the differences better.

Still nice lightsaber pics! :+1:

The K1 W2 beam is very impressive.

Wish I had those… I have big hill by me and a water tower one mile away…. Had a friend take target pics near the tower, I used the BLF GT then

I realize that others have different needs, but wanted Hank to know that he hit a homerun on the K1 W1 for some folks.

Can’t wait to get this in my hands and play with it. It shipped on December 10th, so not too long now.

I think this well-accepted belief that cool white scatters more in fog might not actually be true.

I encourage others to do their own controlled experiments/photos to prove to themselves.

And I cracked, I ordered K1 W2. When it comes, I will post my measurements and impressions. I think there might be an interesting comparison to TN42.

The TN42 is larger, but the wider beam is way more usable than this tiny beam. However, it’s a beautiful designed light and the throw is amazing for its size
Pure fun!

I know what TN42 is because I have it :slight_smile:
That is why I will gladly compare.

I did my own comparisons using same lights WW vs CW on foggy nights. With WW my eyes can see into the distance immediately. With CW it takes my eyes a little longer to focus due to the glare from the scattered light. However, comparing them side by side, they actually illuminate just as far to my dissappointment. I always thought WW would penetrate fog better. Though WW is more comfortable to use though especially if preserving night vision is important.

It doesn’t compare to a small head XHP70 LED flashlight, that is spam link.

Appears to be XHP35 HI large head?

The MHVAST TS35 seems to me to be closely related to the Thrunite Catapult V6. It has about 800m throw; I expect the K1 XHP35 HI to significantly exceed that.

Even if the K1 is specced with the XHP35 when it is eventually available?

Specs on the MHVAST TS35 are:
Cool White: 6300K-6500K
Natural White: 4800K-5200K
Warm White:4300-4000K
296900 CD (Max.) - 820 Meters (Max.)
2100 Lumens (Max.)
142mm x58mm x 32.6mm (Height x Head diameter x Body diameter), so smaller than K1.
Type C usb charging.
26650 Li-ion Battery (Included)

My light has arrived in the USA. Now I have to wait for USPS to get it to me. This time of year, my local post office gets a little funky. They will incorrectly claim it was delivered and I’ll have to go the post office to get them to find it and give it to me. I assume they are just overworked at Christmas. Hopefully, this package will get delivered without the run around.

Mine also had made it into the states, 4PX says arrived in destination country airport. Now for customs and USPS. My D4V2 is with it also.

296900cd is 1090m FL1 throw, not 820. Given the reflector size and the performance of similar lights like the Catapult, I’m going with the 820m (168100cd) being closer to reality.

The K1 has a 72mm bezel, which is quite a bit larger, and I expect it to be driven at least as hard. The Acebeam T27 has a 70mm bezel and claims 1180m throw, also using the XHP35 HI. That’s the closest comparison I could easily find.

Here you can find a collection of throw measurements of the lights in question.
Catapult is 151-195 kcd. T27 has only 2 results, 335 and 340.

any runtime graph about the 2mm2 version?

Runtime graphs are overrated, if you use a 4A cell and the light runs on 8, max 30 minutes, that is without stepdown ofcourse
So with stepdown a little longer