Noctigon K1 info / review

The spill is way brighter than I imagine for a W1. I found a pic in that link comparing the K1 with FT03.

Maybe we should call them Lumen output graph instead to distinguish the difference

I’m not sure Jos, I have taken this picture from Posted byu / Indoorslongtime.

And I am hoping that it really does not spill anywhere near that much. I have plenty of lights that have a nice flood and am looking for a true thrower.

Maybe I really do need to be looking at lights with aspheric lenses, though the good ones seem to be much higher priced.

im tempting to get one but im very picky with thrower hot spot not focus.

Can someone confirm teh hot spot is near perfect focus?

There really aren’t any aspheric throwers that can throw farther than the K1. The only one I know of is the Microfire H20. The LEP flashlights use aspheric lens but the tint shift is so bad and the CRI is so poor that you can’t really make out what it illuminates. I own the W30vn CW, W30vn HICRI and W10G2vn CW and while they are fun to play with, they are really more toy than tool.

Texas Ace is testing an aspheric mod with the BLF GT. That would make for a very useful no-spill light.

Vinh still sells the Deerlight X with a Black Flat in it. Rates it at 670kcd.

I don’t have any problem making out what I’m illuminating with my W30 because of tint or CRI, but the beam is so narrow it relegates it to the “toy” pile.

Exactly this !

Any news on when the XHP35 version will be available?

There are.high CRI LEP lights as well.

Which I have. Tbe W30 hi cri version. Tint shifts from 3000k corona to 20000k+ center of hotspot. This extreme shift makes the hi cri useless

Now that tbe Boost HX is available, anh idea if Hank will release a version with this emitter? 800kcd?

I’d definitely buy one if he did.

Wow. Could use some DC fix.

Is this a possible?

I have two of 500kcd torches already so I would like more of bump from them than 600

Curious as well

DC-Fix will kill 75% of the throw lol

That’s precisely what I meant. :stuck_out_tongue:

For me this is an exciting light. I will use it during the daylight to light up deeply shadowed places from 10 - 75’ away. I tried the D1s but it wasn’t quite enough. The GT is too wide to be able to carry around. I’m hoping this will do the job. The only thing left is the LEP W30 and that’s expensive.

A 3” beam on target is plenty for me. I will turn it on for maybe 20 - 40 seconds, off for minutes and then back on again. I will probably be using the top 1/3rd of the range and turbo all the time.

So which might be better for me the W1 or 2? Is the HX available yet? Given my usage what batteries are best for me?


If I use it at night I’m thinking I’ll put on a diffuser with most of the middle cut out. I’ll have a little spill to walk by and most of the power far down range.