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Yeah, my first .hex compiled successfully.
7736 Bytes

But the file size is not the same
7028 Bytes

Keep trying……

That should work. Just flash the chip and test it out…

Hello, friends!
Please help me compile the firmware Anduril for BLF_LT1.
I keep getting this error:
Error 1 expected ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘asm’ or ‘attribute’ before ‘battcheck_state’.
I am using AVR Studio 5.1.
Also used Amel Studio 7 and got a lot of errors there.
I am new to programming.
Perhaps I forgot to add a file or the required library is missing.
The firmware from the “bistro-HD” starter topic is compiled without errors.
I’m sure it’s very easy for most of you here.

Atmel Studio 7 gives these errors:

Error unknown type name ‘Event’\_/view?usp=sharing

Did you bring in all the spaghetti monster files? Anduril and A2 are SM apps, using the SM engine. "Event" is defined in fsm-events.h. I just bring in all the fsm files, anduril2 files, and cfg's and hwdef's into one folder, one project. Many .c files are actually compiled in with include's, so you can include them in the solution, but then you have to specify the "Build Action" as "None". Works like a charm. I use the latest Microchip Studio for building A2 (Anduril 2) for all 3 MCU types with 3 different solutions - works great.

Anduril is D-E-D, dead, not touched in over a year. Anduril 2 is the active project.

Thank you friend for your help!
I did it!
I am very grateful to you!