ny Cheepies better than Hugsby XP1

I gift many small AAA lights for folks to keep in purse or pocket.
Presently the Hugsby XP1 is the best one I have found considering cost and reliability. On eBay there is a deal 5 for $21.45 + $1.99 shipping. That figures $4.69 each.

Is there a better deal than that for an inexpensive gift?

not better deal ,but an alternative : http://www.kaidomain.com/Search/SearchResult.KD%20HAIII%20BUCKLE%20V6

I like the looks and the fact that they are twisties. Have you tried one?

no i havent tryed yet ,some comments here : KD HAIII BUCKLE V6 ?

Thanks, I may make a buy and try them. They being twisties makes them a little smaller than the Hugsby.

I like the Smiling Shark SS-5039, cheapest from Banggood, because of its smooth shape and gripy finish. They are not particularly good performers as made, and I have modified the ones I give to family, but they are good for the price as they come, and I don’t know of any other AAA size light, for any price, that looks and feels as good.

See may thread about it: Smiling Shark SS-5039 1 x AAA size flashlight, modification notes, Now 3 x 7135 with modes, on a BLF Tiny 10 board..

I’ve had good experience buying Hugsby XP-1 and XP-2 lights from aliexpress. The prices are cheaper and many vendors offer bulk discounts.

I bought mine here. It’s $4.54 for 1 or $4.32 each for 10 or more. If you want 10 or more, shop around for better bulk pricing.

The Hugsby XP-2 can be had for cheaper in bulk here. $4.55 for 1 or $4.18 each for 10 or more.

Some other options:
AA Twistie for $3.5
Discussion thread

Jexree AAA Twistie $5
A bit mode skipper, but a nice light if you want something in colors
Discussion thread

Thanks for the replies. I like the AA Super light although it is a little large. I sometimes carry one.


The light linked in Post 1 looks a bit like a Thrunite Tis. Would be cool if it is just as bright.

Yes, and I have two on order. When they arrive I will post. I am finding that the cheap AAA and AA lights are pretty good these days, and I have not had problems with any, except the “Police” lights. I suspect that shipping will take a month. Hope it is sooner.

If they are comparable to the Ti’s I will buy several more.


Yep, originally I acquired lots of AAA lights E01's ITP, etc...then it dawned on me... duhhhh... AA was a better investment. AA Batteries are same price as AAA yet AA capacity is WAYYYYY greater.

Of course if diminutive sizing is of prime importance AAA is smaller than AA for sure.

Another AAA Twisty I’ve bought a while ago from Tmart - the Small Sun ZY-R804 or LT-C05R804:
It seems modable - the head is not glued and the LED sits on a 12mm star with “CREE” written on it, I’m not sure if it’s really a Cree XP-E. The driver is 14mm.
The finish has some flaws, the knurling is not that good and around the tail it had some rough edges / residues of milling…
But the body has o-rings and is rather solid. Don’t expect “550 lumens” :wink:

AAA does keyring well if just barely; AA is too much for that. IMHO, if you can go AA you can also go bigger for much better still. I finally swapped my Streamlight Nano for a Fenix EO5. Feeding the Nano Silver Oxides could run you broke so I hesitated to use it. The AAA lights don’t have that issue which is why I went AAA, I use it all the time.

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