Officially pissed off!!

So here’s a fun story… I decide to flame my BTU Shocker…. I have studied for a couple days how to break it down & put it back together. I took it apart very carefully. When I say carefully I mean there are babies who have been delivered with less care.
I get it apart, get the flaming done… Then with the same care… Back togther it goes. I push the clicky. Nothing happens. Hmmm that’s curious. I repeat the procedure, still nothing. I tear it down again examine everything… Looks ok, but just to be safe I’ll let Mrs. D look at it. She has electrical experience. Thinking it was a bad connection. HEY! She’ll find the problem!
Mrs. D looks at it… Doesn’t see any issues… I put it back together… VIOLA’ … It turns on cycles thru the modes… I stand up with it, it goes off. So I tear it down several more times, no luck. Guess I’ll send it back & take the hit….Right now I am going to get drunk & try to pound Mrs. D thru the mattress… I need a bit of stress management…

Dang. Good luck with that. You’ll come back at it and eventually get things right, I’m sure.

If you’re pissed off, you need a piss light… Nichia 219 Motion Sensitive Piss Light

poor driver ground


I suspect by now he has forgotten he even owns the light.

That sucks Dale, good luck.

I’m a little worried, shouldn’t he be back by now?

Indeed…the aforementioned procedure should not have taken more than a few minutes!

heck, if I could be doing (as easily) what he was going to do

i wouldn’t be here right now

Pics please

That is USD150 light. I won’t flame flashlight at this price. Even still not feeling to de-domed my Trustfire X6, almost did it with longnose a few mm away from teh dome, I am too careful or light-hearted? :bigsmile:
Don’t worry, I am sure you can fix it unless the circuit is killed by unknown reason, ESD?

I read, I laughed, I laughed some more, and now I have a headache.

You might want to consider changing an order for these activities :wink:

That’s probably what’s taking so long.

Cone, your the best man!My wife had to see what I was reading due to laughing so hard.Speaking of hard, is Dale back yet or passed out?-Rick

Thanks RAW, I try.

i think raw is a lil TMI for this thread.

I’ll say…. :slight_smile: