OK to buy everything I need from TMArt?

Hello, I’m new to the forum but I’m a long time flashlight nut. I especially love cheap/fun lights. I’ve been lurking for a while and I’ve decided to pull the trigger on a gray HD2010 from TMart. This will be my first light of this size and I’d like to get some good 26650 cells and charger.

I like the idea of protected cells and read the positive review on the TrustFires from Manafont. TMart has, what looks like, similar TrustFire cells and charger.

I would really like to buy everything in one place, can the TMart bits be trusted or should I look elsewhere.


Welcome to BLF CarbonCrew! Excellent choice on the HD2010, it’s a must have!

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Tmart has a US warehouse, so check out items with the US tag for quick shipping! Personally, I have had some great experiences with Tmart especially with the HD2010 I bought that arrived in 4 days!

The trustfires are ok

I personally use King Kongs, which are available at intl outdoor among others.
Since the shipping is free (included in the price), don’t be afraid of buying at more then one place.

I will likely buy more down the road. I’m super impatient and was hoping to get everything in at once. It will drive me crazy if I have a light and no batteries.

As for the King Kongs, they are unprotected, is that correct? What is the probability of the risks associated with unprotected cells?

Thanks for the responses.

Don’t hesitate to run to flashlight you love, as representative of Tmart, we will stay close with you to let everything go well. Feel free to contact to us with the contacts details in our forum signature.

correct, unprotected
If used responsibly and not in multi cell lights you won’t have any problems

Tmart is very fast shipping in the US.
And the HD2010 is awesome.

But yeah, the King Kongs are better batteries.

Welcome and have a good time, CarbonCrew!

As far as I know TMart does NOT have a charger for the 26650, at least not from the US warehouse.
Here is how I charge my 26650’s. Charges at only 1 amp but so what?

An added benefit in using the WF-139 ( I already had, or could get from TMart from US warehouse) is that besides a 110V input, it also has a 12v port so that I can charge it in my car!

Haha clever and practical design, nice!

Alright, got an order in. I went with the Ultrafire HD2010 from TMart, picked up a nitecore i4 charger on eBay, and two protected 18650 UltraFire (blues) from DealExtreme. I got the 18650s because I have a SureFire 6P that I’m going to mod soon and they’ll hold me over until some 26650s arrive.

Did I do OK or should I have gone another route. It’s not too late to cancel orders.

Thanks for the feedback.

I think tmart carries the Ultrafire WF-137 Can charge 18650, 26500 32650 and all in between.
Before moving to a hobby charger i had two and they were great charges…

The Nitecore charger on Ebay can charge them all, and it is a nice charger. I think you did well.

DD is selling them for 19.95, I already own one but because there good with Nimh batteries too I bought one for a friend