Old DIY-er, new questions.

Hi guys
I was a regular on the MTBR DIY forum a few years ago but haven’t made any bike lights for a few years. My current lights are a 7-up XM-L, in a 3+1+3 format, @ 3a (taskLED HBFlex) and a double XM-L @ 3a (b3Flex).

I’m looking to do a couple of new lights as I’d like to reduce the weight of my current ones and have the bug to make something new. I’m a CNC programmer so have access to CAD and various lathes/5-axis mills etc so housings are not a problem.

So, new LED’s…Is there anything newer/better than the XM-L? Have been looking at the XM-L2 and XP-L but can’t really see much difference between them (I was more of a machinist than electrician so struggled on the electrical side of things).
Also, the double is currently being powered by a 7.5v 2.6aH li-ion and I’m thinking about using one of the triple XM-L’s I have for this one so believe I would need another HBFlex.
Finally, for now, what sort of tint would you guys recommend? Current ones are U21D and do seem a little cold.


Current handlebar beasty:

Welcome to BLF!

Nice handlebar beast! As you have 7.5V you might want to take a look at the MT-G2. It’s my favorite LED. It packs some punch and has a beautiful tint. Could be nice for bike riding as that’s usually not all about pencil beam throwers.

Interesting indeed. Perhaps I might be able to ask you a little about that later. I’m building a dual LED headlight and have the body fabrication part left: Build: Dual XP-L headlight project.

Thanks Mike, I’ll look into the MT-G2 a bit more. I’ll have plenty of flood on the bars so would like a tighter beam for the helmet light.
Ask away regarding the housing, I do get to do small jobs on the side every now and then :wink:

The MT-G2 will have quite a fair amount of flood and you could go for the XP-G2 on the helmet

Or the new domeless XPL HI.

Holy smokes…your bike has more light than my truck does!

Great job…keep it up!