Old Lumens Flashlight Challenge 2019 - Final Results

Yes, the contest came together nicely. Congrats to all the coordinators and builders :beer:

That thing looks spectacular, Skylight!

Can a participant changed their project?
I didn’t finish my entry but instead working on another mod (and finished).

I sometimes hate this mood swing thing :person_facepalming:

CRX is the man :+1:

You can change anything you want about your build & contest thread as long as any edits are made before the deadline and the work was done within the specified contest dates.

Thanks CRX :+1:

I would like to repeal my previous entry and submit a new entry for Modified Light category.

Thank you.


The others have said it better than I can.
Thanks CRX. :beer:

Thank you, gchart. I’m proud that it works and I managed to finish in time.

Thank you CRX for the impressive summary. :+1:

You are the master :person_with_crown: of setting up pictures to arrays to make them look consistent in style and professional. The GIFs are cool, too. :sunglasses:

How long until next years competition starts?

Thanks for the nice summary, CRX!

Thank you for all your support both here and in the build threads :THUMBS-UP:

The results of the contest should be published in one to two weeks.

I want to say it has been an Honor to compete in this years Old Lumens Flashlight Modders & Builders Challenge. :smiley:
What a variety of Lights were offered up in competition by many light lovers around the world. :+1:
And it has been wonderful to see all the builds in progress and the fun of sharing our various skills and knowledge and many brave ones jumping in while learning along the way. :student:
Also remembering Old Lumens who started BLF along with others like himself many years ago. The Torch that was lit back then still burns Brightly today, and now We All carry it together. :smiley:

Hello BLF

I am back with a half decent internet connection and am totally amazed at what you all did !

Thank you VERY MUCH to CRX for the fantastic summary (even if at first sight i thought that my new brand internet connection was already broken while it was trying to load the pictures ;) )

I'll have to get some time and look at each build for more details but again : Hats off to everyone including contest staff !

It is Saturday and the suspense is killing me! I can’t wait for the results :D.

Better the suspense than Corona :person_facepalming:

But agreed! :smiley:

True. My liver generally doesn’t like alcohol so we’ll be having none of that :beer: .

It is easy to see the level of competition this year is very high. Everyone did a fantastic job on their lights, so the judges are heavily challenged this year. I think BLF hit a home run this year. :+1:

But everybody besides me has been disqualified! So it shouldn’t be too difficult …