Old Lumens Flashlight Challenge 2019 - Final Results

Just read this:
This years Old Lumens BLF Contest runs from 17/09/19 to 29/02/20 (UTC)


Lost two three months already :weary:


Perfect :+1:

I’m in with the New Modified Light Category.
I want to thank everyone here for all the help and encouragement.
Also those who opened this new category, this made it possible for those who are time restricted to enter.

Good Luck to everyone and enjoy all the chatter ! I’m looking fwd to the Builds and Mods.
And if you are considering jumping in, Just Do It, you will have good company.

Yes , ceruleanXLII
Welcome to BLF ! We are happy to see you join the competition. Good Luck and Enjoy.

Thank you too!

With continued support from members, sponsors, sb56637, organizers and contestants we will keep this tradition alive :THUMBS-UP:

My entry https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/59693 I had been planning this anyway and thought it would be an appropriate build seeing as the idea came from Old Lumens.

Ok, I need to get started on mine but (embarrassing as it is) I don’t remember where to post it!

I’ve gathered materials after sitting down and drawing a napkin sketch, so I pretty much know what I’m going to do just haven’t started yet… be doing good to remember where I left the lathe. :stuck_out_tongue:

My entry is listed now… <>

Post your intent in the main topic

and then start a build topic in

Cheers to everyone entering the challenge ! :)

I am sorry i can't see your works for now as i am stuck again with a very (VERY) slow internet connection at home while my Professional connection filter 99% of the pictures hosting sites.

I added my entry for the Modified Light Category in this thread:

Cheers and good buildings/ modding everyone :wink: :beer:

Subscribed and generally read (very diagonal…) all the building /modding threads!

Great ideias, great skills everyone! In the impossibility to keep track on each and every thread, I hereby compliment you all for the ideas and work done so far :wink:

@ pinkpanda, great “small” build you have there! Impressive gorgeous light :blush:

I made an entry post for the Machine Made category: Hoop's 2019 Old-Lumens Challenge Entry : "The Sentinel" : Machine Made Category

Pushed myself to join the fun, here’s my entry for the Modified Light category:

update 2020/02/29:

i still have not started machining but i hope i will have time…possible Сијаличка 2 machine made 7th Annual BLF/OL contest entry
and here is one photo of one flashlight (older members here will know what this is)…for those who are wondering: yes it is signed by old lumens himself

With an entry in the machine made category would it be a problem if I ALSO made a thread in the modified light category?

I have something in mind that would be appropriate there… :slight_smile:

Right near the top of the first post it states, “All skill levels are very welcome and you can enter into one of the categories below:”

One of the categories below… seems clear enough, thanks.

I’ll enter the second one when I get rolling on it, hopefully tomorrow. :wink:

Keen, but..


I havn’t been around for a while, but it’s great to see the contest up and running again! :beer:

Some very impressive builds going on. Great work foks :+1:

is it too late to enter? i’d like to, in a machine category, 3d printed.