Old Lumens Flashlight Challenge 2019 - Final Results

Post your intent in the main topic

and then start a build topic in

Cheers to everyone entering the challenge ! :)

I am sorry i can't see your works for now as i am stuck again with a very (VERY) slow internet connection at home while my Professional connection filter 99% of the pictures hosting sites.

I added my entry for the Modified Light Category in this thread:

Cheers and good buildings/ modding everyone :wink: :beer:

Subscribed and generally read (very diagonal…) all the building /modding threads!

Great ideias, great skills everyone! In the impossibility to keep track on each and every thread, I hereby compliment you all for the ideas and work done so far :wink:

@ pinkpanda, great “small” build you have there! Impressive gorgeous light :blush:

I made an entry post for the Machine Made category: Hoop's 2019 Old-Lumens Challenge Entry : "The Sentinel" : Machine Made Category

Pushed myself to join the fun, here’s my entry for the Modified Light category:

update 2020/02/29:

i still have not started machining but i hope i will have time…possible Сијаличка 2 machine made 7th Annual BLF/OL contest entry
and here is one photo of one flashlight (older members here will know what this is)…for those who are wondering: yes it is signed by old lumens himself

With an entry in the machine made category would it be a problem if I ALSO made a thread in the modified light category?

I have something in mind that would be appropriate there… :slight_smile:

Right near the top of the first post it states, “All skill levels are very welcome and you can enter into one of the categories below:”

One of the categories below… seems clear enough, thanks.

I’ll enter the second one when I get rolling on it, hopefully tomorrow. :wink:

Keen, but..


I havn’t been around for a while, but it’s great to see the contest up and running again! :beer:

Some very impressive builds going on. Great work foks :+1:

is it too late to enter? i’d like to, in a machine category, 3d printed.

The OP says :

This years Old Lumens BLF Contest runs from 17/09/19 to 29/02/20 (UTC).

So no you're not too late ... as long as you expect to be finished by the end of february :)

I have opened a new modding thread for my entry to the modified light category: Skylight's entry to the 7th BLF Old Lumens Contest 2019 - modified light category [Matainvoy ML18S FINISHED, video added]

About 5 and half weeks to go :sunglasses:

Nice countdown clock. :+1:
I’m waiting on parts from China. :person_facepalming:

Bump for the last month :wink:
And a word of courage and good work to all the competitors still working on their builds or mods :wink:
:beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

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