Olight M3X clone : Fandyfire STL-V6 is good! Measurements inside

Im not sure how this works with 2x 18350 IMR's but i just tried a MF XML 2.8A drop-in a Ultrafire WF-501A and i couldn't get my 18350 IMR single cell to push past 2.4A's.

With yours being in series id think it wouldn't be any higher unless your using a higher quality IMR than i am. Mine is from bestinone.net and 800mAh.

I put my R5 back in thats running at 1.8A and cute as a tiny bug but as powerfull as lights many times its size.

EDIT- Nevermind, I see its only needing 1.4A's with the regulation your light has. But doesnt that defeat the purpose of an IMR as you could get the same size with 1x18650 and have much longer run time with the same amps?

Andi, I suppose the C8 could fit. But the UF-980L does not fit.

We have a very narrow diurnal range here, even Bangkok may dip to 19 deg C in Dec which is cold by our standards. We rarely go below 26 deg C unless there is very heavy thunderstorms say for more than 3hours here and even with that in Dec it gets to maybe 23 minimum. But it does not get very hot here also, the hottest days are 34....36 on very rare occasions maybe two or three days a year.

Good to hear that you will be able to test more. Looking forward! I hope you can get the same batch as mine.

I'll probably just remove the glass lens and measure again.

My IMR is from bestinone.net too, they can do 2.9A in the Ultrafire XM-L P60 and UF-980L DD. Maybe you'd need to cycle them twice first. I always notice that the first charge does not give you the max juice.

The light does not operate at 4.2V.

150mm super shorty mode What light is this?? Is this a combination or lego of a couple of different lights??

fandyfire stlv6 head with ultrafire u80 body/tailcap

If this is a ultrafire u80 body and according to the post, it should also fit a dbs v.3, would the the parts for the dbs and ultrafile be compatible also? Do you they both use the same pills?

U80 and DBS V3 caps I think one fits the other but not vice versa. Can't remember, one is too short.

Just in - Heatsinking performance. 283 lux at 1 second drop to 276 lux @ 8 seconds after turn on and stabilises. After 15 mins it is 272 lux. Anemometer wind speed 3-9kph (most of the time 6-9 kph), ambient air temp 29.6 deg C (HOT!)

8-9kph is like a slow to moderately fast jog.

Percentage lumens drop = 1.4%

Hey bro,

Is this the longest throwing budget XM-L you know of?

You mentioned that its regulated. Does it increase in amperage draw as voltage decrease till the batteries are consumed while maintaining full output to the LED?

Manafont couldnt price match the Skyray clone with the Fandyfire. To bad, and Id buy the the STL-V2 if it was noticeably brighter. I think Im also done with olight products. Of all the lights Ive ever owned, the olights have had by far the highest failure rates.

Yes, this and the Sky Ray STL-V2 are the longest throwing budget XM-Ls that I know of. Until they shoehorn the 73mm reflector that you see on DX into a host, that is. LOL!

Yes, the amps go up as the cell voltage goes down. I can just use a same pair of same brand cells but discharged somewhat and the amps go up. Lux on the meter is ard the same.

If you'd ask me, Sky Ray and FF they are all the same.

And the thing is, this bigger/deeper reflector just captures more light and throws it OTF, on a reflected ceiling test this is as bright as the UF-980L hotrod (but the hotrod does not have as much throw). Just that the UF-980L output dives to around a 2.6A driven U80 level within 30 seconds.

Nice combination there. I have a dbs v3 xre running on 2xcr123's. im really considering the FF stl-v6 so i can lego it also with my dbs. any advice on the best way to power it in this configuration? thanks and keepup the good work.:)

There are only 2 options, the AW IMR 18350, or BIO IMR 18350. The latter has been tested by me, mitro and Dasfriek to be over 900mAh, for me i test at 1A and the other 2 pals gun at much higher currents. I think E1320 has them too.

Do a google, results on BLF turn out on top of CPF.

thanks for the info 2100. btw sent you a PM.kinda off-topic but related.:)

I got mine.

Yeah, C8 Body fits well.

In original Version (2x18650):

@High = 1,38A

@1m = ~38500 lux

With C8 Body (1x18650) and a 3,9A Driver:

@High = 3,9A

@1m = ~45000 lux

Hi Andi, nice to hear that C8 tube fits well. For those who do not wish to change the driver, just operate in 2 x 18350 mode, the BIO IMR 18350 are cheap and have high capacity of at least 900mAh as tested by quite a few of us (specs is just 800mAh).

Btw, do measure your lights at over 10m. We recently found out that closer readings, even 5m ones, could very inaccurate for a lot of lights.

Finally did 50m range measurement. 20.0 lux @ 50m, 50k candelas. (tailcap 1.36A).


Now with UCLp Lens @1m = 48000 lux.

As Body i used THIS C8, Body is 0,5-1mm wider than other C8´s.

Now i realized, that the Pill of this C8 is also bigger....outside diameter 30mm (like the heatsink of the STL-V6).

I had to rasp a little bit of the thread and it fit´s also perfect, now i have a XML U2 inside.

Bezel has more pressure on o-ring, but it´s closing 100%.

Hey Andi, where did you get the UCL lens of 59mm size?

I could use a few 59mm UCL lenses also. Got a link where you bought it?

I bought the biggest UCLp Lens at flashlightlens, then i used a saw/file to made it 59mm.

(Printed a template and used a permanent marker to paint on the protective coat)

....another one has used a lathe for doing this.

note: it´s UCLp, not UCL ;)

Thanks for the tip. I thought the UCL "p" in your post was a typo. Acrylic will be a lot easier to work with than glass for most people.


I wonder if an AR coated camera filter would work?