Open-Source NiMh Battery Charger/Analyzer

It seems that the 208b's ability to measure the internal resistance of Li* cells is not very accurate, and is useful only as a relative indicator. This is because the charger only makes a two wire measurent, and a four wire measurement is required for adequate accuracy. I want to learn more about this, but HKJ has an article about the issue on his web site if you're curious. I think this limitation probably applies to most if not all hobby chargers that have an IR measurement feature.

Hi everyone, I purchased a xstar vp4 Dragon plus. Well let me first say that the discharge feature is unbelievably slow.I did a test on 4 batteries,so batteries charged drained then charged again

in all it took about 18 hours. Then I tried to use probes to check internal Resistance and volts which doesn't appear on screen must use probes. The probes only worked a third of the time. And never got,even a close to the same reading.I have tried to reach out to xstar 4 or 5 times, with no response .I am looking for a charger with same features as the Dragon plus. Atleast 4 bays refresh test, volts,mah Measure internal resistance Without having to use probes also I would like it to be able to revive rundown batterie. Does xstar.or any other charger manufacturers produce such a charger besides the Dragon or skyrc which is way to much money. Thanks in advance for your help. Jimo

SkyRC MC3000 is pretty much it so far. Unfortunately, they can charge a premium because nobody else competes with it.

Am I correct that opusbtc3100 does everything except revive run down batteries

Whats charger 208b