Opus BT-C3100 V2.0 "Dreamcharger" GROUP BUY Now @ $ 36. New coupon code - tatasal -(to close July 15) NOW CLOSED

We hit 500, another coupon worth $3. It’s in the OP.

Ah ok, thanks.

Got mine today, & they included an AU adapter :beer:

i wrote them an email to cancel my order since i was getting annoyed that expedited shipping took nearly a week to process.

4 hours later i get a dhl tracking number with 3-5 day delivery LOL.


well done!

I just ordered mine, so will wait patiently for its’ arrival. :slight_smile:

Was another coupon code posted in the OP? If it is, I still can’t see it.

Or is the extra $3 just added to your Gearbest account when you order?

201th to 500th unit buyers will pay $39/unit. When 500 units is reached, an additional coupon of $3/unit bought will be sent to all previous 500 buyers, (sent to your Gearbest account like the first 200 buyers)… 501th unit buyer will then pay $36/unit

We will never get there.

That number is through the roof.

—in the event more than 200 units are sold, gearbest will issue another coupon code worth $2, bringing down the price to $39.
—501 to 1000th units — price is $36/unit
Edit: Buyers of the first 500 units will be given another $3 coupon to their Gearbest account.

I’m not sure how this would affect someone who has not already ordered and wants to get the full discount.

Most probably true….but I myself have not expected the 200th unit to be reached either. Who knows? :slight_smile:

A very long shot perhaps….but this afternoon it was 233 units sold, almost half-way through :wink:

Thanks, misunderstood the previous post. I thought you meant that we have already reached 500 units.

Not yet though, hopefully we will get there. I will be ordering shortly :slight_smile:

Oh, by the way, for the first 200 individual buyers, Gearbest sent into their accounts the promised $2 coupon, AND an extra 100 points credit (50pts.=$1)

To further sweeten the pot, there were another 4 lucky individuals who were sent not 100, but 200 extra points… (edit)


Hey bro, you have a wicked smile there…haha :beer:

after 3 days now, working on day #4… batterys I wanted to charge with it are here already…
I hope it ships soon.

Just ordered 2…
Do I need to send email to Dora?
Thanks for what seems to be a great groupbuy tatasal!

You’ll get your answer today. The ’kitchen’s still close

No need to send email, unless for special instructions, like: Did you order too? Or two and wanted it shipped together?