Oshpark Projects

70N02 FET’s come up whenever I do an eBay search.

I made a 3xAA in series battery-holder, using the Oshpark boards mentioned in the OP, and did some tests on it, thread here:

Any board I buy, the next day they are on the production board and sent to fab within a day or two…they are probably soon going to get backlogged and/or going to have to make several production runs a day or something

Good for us…they keep pumping out the purple board goodness :smiley:

Just ordered 3x BLF SRK XP-G2 3 channel boards I special built for my 3*XP-G2 SRK rebuild
(going to try to make the SRK into a semi-thrower and push XP-G2’s a little harder than 1500mA per channel but wanted independent channels to prevent thermal runaway (just in case)
[Huge thanks to Mattaus for pulling my head out of my butt and pretty much designing the board, I just cleaned it up a teeny bit)

None in the USA though. I assume Cereal is getting tired of sitting on however many SRKs he’s got now and wants them modded up and out the door :-p

Just because it's called a '70N02' doesn't mean it'll have the same specs and work in the same way as the Vishay 70N02. Even Vishay's own replacement for the discontinued 70N02 has wildly different specs.

I’ve started work on a QX5241 based 17mm driver. 17mm QX5241 5Amp 1-4 LED 2-4s Li-Ion Buck driver, WIP - I'm back in the saddle.

Bump for RMM. Rich has boards for us now. :slight_smile:

Hey guys, gals, and any who are mixed or unsure, I’ve updated the op with some new links but I’ve noticed some links to other Oshpark projects in a few other threads and don’t know whether I should add them. I might miss them if they aren’t posted here so if you want them listed then let me know either by pm or posting here.

Thanks, RBD

Just an FYI WarHawk and I are both using his SK68 boards without issue, of course clear it with him but these ar no longer “untested” and again only my opinion but are ready for use.

ETA: one more thing, both WH and wright have made some pretty useful contact boards for me which I’m already using both of, a 26mm contact board and a 22mm adapter ring (the adapter ring is a really useful / wide application piece). 26mm is the size for both the TR-3T6 and 9XT6. I am using wright’s adapter ring in stock forum for a 22mm pill w/ 17mm driver but with a little sanding it’ll fit several size pills and / or drivers.

Thread here-

Thanks for bringing that up Cereal_killer, I’d already forgotten to tell RBD about those adapters. Can you tell us specifically which ones adapter rings you’ve received? Do they look exactly like the previews? Do you mind posting pics / measurements in your request thread? I want to make sure the toolpaths were followed as they were in the Gerbers.

Off to work on a Saturday. I’ll post the links in the op this evening.

I really like wights open contact ring…very very versatile

Oh and Cereal_killer my SK68 board the first one I built I am not sure either
A. I compiled DrJones luxdrv with ramping only incorrectly [initial compile I didn’t change the “ramping” number to 1…so it would throw off something] or
B. I have bad 7135’s due to the fact it won’t reset, flickers, locks up acts all crazy

I haven’t successfully tested a board completely yet…if you are confident with it…then give the thumbs up on it…I just can’t verify yet…glad it’s working :slight_smile:

Wasn’t it said somewhere that 7135’s won’t go as low? If you go for a real low moon they act up? And also something about the PWM rate? Might check that out as well. Sorry I don’t have more pertinent information, but I am not using anything it pertains to and well, my memory is kept in a minnow bucket with oversized flow holes.

Sweet. Looks like they came out more or less as intended!

Thanks for posting the pics.


very nice. Hardly can wait to get mine. Shipped the other day, might take about 2 weeks now.
Thanks for the pictures, nice to see that the layout seems to work well.

Yeah…I think it was my compile, I didn’t change the location of the ramping in the code and I used fast PWM

Cereal_killer did a few video’s for me on the next re-compile and it looked as if it worked on his builds, ramping was clean and worked as compiled
(if he want’s he can post links) It’s a SK68 with 100% variable modes w/ memory

I just have to rebuld my driver and give it a shot, using the slow PWM he reported it ramped smoothly (fast PWM went all wonky)

Way cool!

A little cleanup of the inner tabs and a few shots of solder and BLAMO…instant 22mm Nanjg…NICE!

hi RBD, this battery-carrier is therefore no longer untested, so the the OP might be updated for these triple AA boards??

Here’s a few installed pic’s.

I was hoping the added height would make it so I could use a normal size spring in this balder SE2 but not quite.