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Duplicated information.

Sorry Matt, I just used the Oshpark titles.

Oh no worries I didn't see your edit. Your post is better :)


Hey, there's a 15mm driver too, very interesting, what's the story?

What I think that I see is no minus-ring on the battery-side (same as the 17mm and 20mm version), and no space on the board for the FET (that makes sense because it would never fit).

Tivo532 has a couple:

Thread - DIYDriver AMC7135(PWM) and DMG6968U(Direct Drive)

OSH Park Project - DD

Thread - DIY Driver Nanjg Style/AMC7135 using Z8F082A MCU

OSH Park Project - 7135

Nice work Guys, Thank You very much for sharing!

Different FET on the 15mm board. I need to update the descriptions a bit better. I rushed putting them up this morning.

Lack of GND ring on the reverse sides is a cock up. Will be corrected later as well.

Also diodes are probably not BAT54’s… those are in a 3-pin package. I usually use BAT54’s since a) I have a few thousand of them b) if you buy the right version, you don’t put them in backwards c) they are easier to hand solder than some of those tiny buggers. In a pinch, you can usually slip a 2 pin diode onto the BAT54 footprint…

Hello Mattaus!

congratulations for your PCB!

What do you use to draw them?

I'm downloading Kicad, to try to play a little!

What do you advise me to start?

thank you!

I see, I looked up that little FET (0.37 euro at a local website, I bet it can be had cheaper), it has an internal resistance of 0.045 ohm, that would give a voltage drop of 0.1V at 2A (if I remember Ohm's law well ;-) ).

Use CADSoft Eagle. Its free. Any tutorial will have you on your way very quickly and then its just a matter of practice, practice, practice.

I’ll put them up if it’s ok with TiVo. Don’t want anyone left out but also don’t want to step on any toes.

Sorry Matt, I was rushing a bit this morning myself and didn’t look them over before copying the links from Oshpark. I’ll mark them in the op as not ready for prime time until they are.

OK I've changed the 15, 17 and 20 Direct Drive drivers. You'll need new links though. They are all under my OSHPark profile.

The diodes on the FET boards are the stock off the Nanjg boards, I had to special order the ones you have on your 20mm I built TexasPyro…but it worked like a charm though
(DIY’ers can’t be choosers :wink: )

It was my fault the 17mm board got pushed…we hadn’t reviewed it…my apologies to you Mattaus. I already ordered 3x of em…so that is my penance for rushing you.

So that last SRK board with the FET looks rather awesome. I just can't keep up with all that is going on in the world of drivers. I'll just wait until RMM stocks them :)

New links in place.

Make sure you mention his uses a Zilog MCU not an ATtiny13A
It has 8k flash, but needs a special programmer…but I tell you, his turbo my using those FETS! WHOAH!

And for a little driver porn…forgive my photo ability…I only have a cell phone camera

Nangj 105C 32*7135 SRK driver
This one was done on a skillet on my stove

TexasPyro 20mm Nangj 105C
This one was done with a hot air rework station (in about 20 minutes)