There's more:

  1. ∅22mm, 4-modes, max 6A P-channel MOSFET linear driver.
  2. ∅20mm, 4-modes, max 6A P-channel MOSFET linear driver.
  3. ∅17mm, 4-modes, max 5A P-channel MOSFET linear driver.

I did not tried those.

Tried these: 17mm / 22mm dual ramping plus special mode max 8A N-channel MOSFET linear driver

Cheers :-)

Thanks for the info, its good to know that these are capable of more current by changing/stacking sense resistors.

I’m talking about this driver.

I use this driver in B158 and paired with the CSLNM.1 it has 370kcd throw, last time i measured without driver and NCR B battery to limit current it was about 380kcd. I think this is the sweet spot for this led.

I wouldn't go overboard with it. As you increase current the dissipated power at the MOSFET and driver increases too. Bear this in mind.


When will the boost hx led be avaible?

No idea

That is a Sofirn C8S host with Simon's 22mm SST-40 (max 8A) linear driver. Driver filed down to a tad less than ∅21mm and modified with an additional (slightly contact worn) R050 sense resistor. Measured 8.1A+ max current with power supply.

I am getting 132-133Kcd at 30s, 137-138Kcd peak, at close to 5 meters of distance using ceilingbounce app. Measured the same way I did with M1.

I measured ≈150Kcd for this build weeks ago, with an old reflector I swapped due to some minor damage. Driver was not modified at that point (I measured ≈7.63A back then).

Smartphone is a Lenovo Zuk Z2 Pro (Z2121 with custom Oreo 8.1 ROM). Do not know how good or accurate it is measuring illuminance, albeit I know it measures less than a Moto G 2013.

But heck, the intensity is way off I think. It should be getting at least 180Kcd… should be. The reflector's opening is ∅9mm, and is a little bit taller than the usual Convoy reflector (≈32.2mm).

Geez! :(

Try getting the measurement at 10-20m.

I agree, a C8 with a well-focused 2mm2 White Flat at 8A could reach 200 kcd.

I do not honestly know how well focused is the emitter in my C8S. I lowered the reflector gasket quite a bit, until the 5050 square gap surrounding centerpiece eroded and dissapeared. Did I go too far?

If I recall it right the gasket was of this type: http://kaidomain.com/Flashlight-DIY-and-Tools/Misc-Parts/S024676-10mm-D-x-0_9mm-T-White-Plastic-Insulation-Gaskets-for-Cree-XM-L-10-pcs

Concerning the M1 (@ 4.75A), it scores above 100Kcd cold start so that must be right, the M1 reflector surface looks to be about half of a C8. And its surface finish looks of higher quality (versus C8S).

I used the smaller sibling of those gaskets, the XP-L version, on my CSLNM1.TG C8+ with 7mm bottom hole reflector. I sanded down the lip where the reflector rests on to about 0.5mm and it’s perfect. I could just about spot cattle and cattle herders at 600m away this weekend. I could see them moving on the hill. So I know it really performs well.

My previous gasket attempt was sanded down to about 0.2mm and it was worse. Looks like 0.5-0.6mm is a sweet spot.

Thanks KevinZA1988, I think you answered my question. I went too far.


It shows in the hotspot if you are good, the NM1 in a quality smooth reflector (C8 reflectors are usually good) makes a very well defined evenly illuminated hotspot. Slightly off and everything goes assymmetrical and/or fuzzy.


I see that Mouser now has White 1 and White 2 in stock.
May be slightly cheaper than L4P for those in the USA but unknown bin…

I could of sworn I read earlier in this thread that the new 1mm 4040 CULNM can be reflowed onto a XP mcpcb 3535? Before I attempt another reflow and heat this poor led up for the 3rd time can somone confirm 3535 mcpcb’s works?

Here’s the catch: not every 3535 board has the exact same solder pad dimensions. Reflowing 4040 leds works reasonably well on boards with electrical pads that are a bit thinner and thus wider apart. The amount of solder must be fairly precise too, and make sure you position the led very very well!
But yes, confirmed, I succesfully soldered the 4040 CULM on the stock 3535 board of a Micro-GT and have a working flashlight.

Nice, awsome and thank you. YOU DA MAN!! So excited, it’s going into a 126mm aspherical lens super short FL, pre lens w/collaniator and a small waiven collar.

126mm aspheric? Is this a home made job?

I purchased two of the CULNM1.TG leds a while back from L4P and only today had some free time to reflow one for testing but one of them has this thing that is looking like some defect around the die, is this normal for this led or not? I hope it does not have impact on performance or lifespan of the led. :smiley:

I've seen that partial circle "trench" on many white flats1/2, it seems it's from some kind of tool/mold which protects die during pouring "white stuff" over package surface, it shouldn't have any influence on performance.