I finally took my Z1 to the local reservoir… I took my MF02 and modded L6 for comparison, among others.
I know the MF02 should be over 400kcd, but to my eye the Z1 with CULNM1 threw better. Of course it was a pencil beam in comparison, but it is quite impressive. One interesting thing I noticed with my Z1 was that I had to “zoom it out” a little to correct the focus on the CULNM1. At night, the visible beam made it quite apparent that the focus was wrong with the head fully unscrewed.

I thought this might be interesting!
The light on the left is the Convoy S2 that I showed before with SMO reflector + Osram KW CSLMN1.TG + Led4Power driver.
The light on the right is the Acebeam TK16 (AL) with 3 x Osram KW CSLMN1.TG + Carclo 10507.

The farthest tree is at 115m:

Farthest trees are at about 190m:

The house is at 213m:

Conclusion: even below optics, this LED is awesome!
Sorry, the photos show different weather conditions as they were taken in different nights. The distances remain, though :stuck_out_tongue:

These pictures dont look like the same exposure settings.

Look how much brighter the street is lit in all of the Acebeam shots. Camera is out smarting you :slight_smile:

Hum, I can’t remember that, actually :zipper_mouth_face: The photos were taken in different days (S2 in June, TK16 in August).

If I recall correctly, the light temperature was set differently, maybe 5200 or 5500K on the S2, and 4900K on the TK16. I guess the exposure (ISO and shutter) were in automatic, as I normally only use them indoor for beamshot comparison!

That difference in K may have led to the “orangish” photo (those are still orange bulb lights, LED hasn’t arrive there yet :confounded: )

It doesn’t take the throw in the TK16 though :wink:

This isn’t accurate as you see it right? Is the TIR appears to be more intense and larger hot spot. Instead it should be larger hot spot and less intense but the camera is cranking up the brightness to compensate, yes?

The beam with the TIR is indeed intense :wink:
As I mentioned, the beam with these Osram and Carclo 10507 is intense, not floody. There is “only” hotspot and it is very narrow.
I put the beams below in my review and compared it with other TIR lenses. There is no pair to this one :wink:

These are all from the TK16 with Osram!

Wow! I never knew a TIR could make such a nice, tight beam! :heart_eyes:

Nice work, nice beam !

It has rings when shining it to a white wall, but towards the air outdoor, no spill and no rings, just this narrow beam!

And I just had a golden opportunity to compare them! Fog came down to town so I went out to enjoy it!
TK16 on the left, S2 on the right!

And a little disclosure, the TK16 was on ECO mode on this photo, not in POWER mode. Meaning, the turbo was around 780 lumens and not 1300 lumens :stuck_out_tongue:

It might be easier to make your 3D printed piece run parallel and then flare out just past the bezel for the time being, no? Could even have it rest of the crenelations or something.

For this advice, please send one set of your lens adapters. PM me for address I have an L2 host sitting at home right now.

I built L21A with the CULNM1.TG led and had some interesting results in a somewhat bad way.

So far in my limited experience with small die leds most of them if not all (black flat being the worst) required the reflector to sit like crazy low, even sometimes it was required to file the reflector in order to focus the leds properly. Today when i finished the L21A build i took one of the normal xp Convoy gasket and reamed it to 5.5mm to fit the CULNM1.TG led and on my surprise after few different gaskets and heights i somehow think that even the stock height of the gasket seems too low for this led.

Has anyone built L2/L21A with this led and can help me figure out how to focus this led properly, the beam is horrible, small bright hotspot with huge fairly bright corona and some rings of course.

Measured intensity was 385.000cd, i think this is a bit low.

Gasket height about 0.5mm

Stock xp gasket

BobbyMK, maybe try this method: Flashlight collimation

Focusing required me a lot of trial and error, but finally in my C8 it is (almost) perfect and now i have a clean thin beam doing over 200 kCd in a C8 on 2,8 A.
I think it should be able to do more, but then i have to file down my reflector and bezel, something which i don’t feel like doing it. Maybe later

Might try this when ill find time to test and actually read everything there.

I also have C8 with the 1mm², highest ive seen was 214kcd and i am almost 100% sure that it does not need any modifications on the host in order to be properly focused, this flashlight has one of the cleanest beams ive ever had in a modified thrower. With that said i do not know how you all get these numbers, 200kcd @ 2.8A is insanely good, throw some more amps at that led… it begs you lol :smiley:

After this and this post, I put the 2 flashlights (Convoy S2 and Acbeam TK16) under the same conditions (same night, same specs on the camera). Here are the comparative beamshots (TK16 left, S2 right):

198m (Farthest trees)

208m (House)

310m (white factory)

Those who are struggling whith centering and focusing may like this:


If you have a link for 4040 my second CULNM1 and my Luxeon Vs will thank you kindly. And my fingertips. Reaming 3535 a centering ring hurt my fingertips.

I found that using a 5.5mm drill bit works perfectly fine and no fingers will be hurt during the process. It usually takes me 2-3 min by hand to drill the normal xp convoy gaskets.

Sorry, i have not seen any 4040 gasket.

Wait, so TIR optics have larger spill compared to reflector on s2 ? is it because optics are tiny 10mm or something else ?
because i’ve ordered 20mm optics (10199) to use with this osram led and i want almost 0 spill to decrease glare. did i made a wrong choice ?