So you have some new friend called Olsen Flat who is black?

Anyone tested Osram “red flat” and “green flat” leds?
What would be the max current they could be driven at?

Size comparison: CSLNM1.TG vs CULNM1.TG vs CSLPM1.TG

I tested the green flat but not the red one

The CULNM1 should have a lot of potential, since it has the size advantage of the boost HX but the smaller die advantage of the CSLNM1 which means less heat and more overdriving.
I can’t wait to test mine when I receive them :slight_smile:

I wish I could buy them on a 32mm MCPCB for even better heat transfer, but noctigon doesn’t make one that fits this size, only XP size.

Apart from the performance advantage, because of its size it is easier to center in flashlight builds, in a XP-L Hi host (there is many of them around) usually a slight reaming of the stock centerpiece does the job.

It is a pricy led though…

The half-hour of reaming I did and the calluses that lasted three days would like a word with you.

:frowning: I’m sorry about that. I have one of these reamers, and I grip the centerpiece with a small bit of bicycle inner tyre.

But you did get it done I hope?

That's the part I'm missing.

Yeah, it's in my Z1 and doing amazing things for its size.

Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems like this new CULNM1.TG has a slightly higher vf and can handle more current so it should be able to run in direct drive with a 10 amp cell.

It is not easy to predict that, but you may be correct if no springs are bypassed. But try it and report! :slight_smile:

So i received 4 pieces of this leds 2 days ago from intl-outdoore, unfortunately 1 of them is not working (haven’t contacted the seller yet), so i decided to replace leds on 3pot lamp. it was a really difficult job to fit 3x16mm boards, because of very low clearance between reflector and solder point on mcpcb, for now i have insulated it with electrical tape. i didn’t sand down centering gasket as of now. here are some pictures -

when both lamps + headlight is on

when headlight + 1 lamp with xml2 leds are on

when headlight + 1 lamp with CSLNM1.TG leds are on

unfortunately i can’t turn off headlight because no switch for that.

from sides-

lamps -

so far i’m happy with it, but i was kinda expecting more throw.

Maybe these two are related. The White Flat demand very precise centering and focusung to obtain a decent hotspot with maximum throw. I can not judge that from your pics, maybe it is optimal already, but the focusing could be something to look into.

Very nice slopegatri70 !

But Djozz already mentioned the focusing, i have the same experience with the CSLNM1.TG in a C8. Centering is very difficult without the right gaskets, but it really makes the difference.
Not to mention getting the right focus, which means gently sanding down several gaskets until the correct height until you find the sweet spot :wink:

i figured it will require sanding down gasket, but there won’t be enough clearance left for soldering those 3 boards in series, if there was a way to reflow these on original 3x xml-2 mcpcb it would have allowed me to sand down gaskets. but i couldn’t find similar mcpcb.

btw, CSLNM1.TG can be used on xpl board, right ? because the 4pot lamp i have uses xpl leds and not xml-2 leds as i originally thought. so maybe i should order some bare CSLNM1.TG and reflow ?

does 3 vs 4 pot reflector dictates throw angle ?

Bad news, 2 out of 3 leds died within 4hrs of riding. i guess 16mm mcpcb wasn’t enough for proper heat transfer. :confused:

A quick n dirty beamshot :wink:
The trees are 200m away

C8 with OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG (2,8A)

Beautiful :+1:


I recently made a fixed thrower with a Convy L2 host.

Parts info:
CULNM1.TG 4040die (LED4Power.com)
LD-A4-20 driver 6A (LED4Power.com)
50mm plano apsheric AR coated (marinebeam.com)
Small RLT collar
Convoy L2 host
GOLISI S43 26650

Testing data:
Driver setting: 4.75A
Current measured at cap: 4.94A
Measuring device: Lutron LX-1108
Measuring distance: 5meters

*Without collar: 16700lux@5m@30s (417 Kcd)
With RLT collar: 31400lux@5m@30s (785 Kcd)*
Here is my issue:

While using this desmos calculator made by Enderman
Intensity calculator
My theoretical maximum should be 1700Kcd.

However, my result at 800Kcd is half of theoretical maximum! ]:<

Some side notes:

This is my first time ever using a RLT collar.
My collar location should be near optimal because I used 0.10mm shims until I got the highest reading. And also, it is almost double the reading without the collar.

I tried driving at 5.5A and the reading was only a bit higher
35200lux@5m@30s (880 Kcd)

I have only tried one CULNM1.TG. I have another, but I don’t want to change it unless it is highly likely my current emitter is defective.
Am I doing something wrong here? Getting half of theoretical max is no fun.

I am already really satisfied with how insane the beam looks. I can see the beam so clearly once it exits the lens.
I will be purchasing the Acebeam W30 because I can’t believe there is something out there with twice intensity as mine!

Try measuring at 20m?