Im not certain but you maybe able to turn that down a little . could be worth dropping them an email

Edit: just looked at the manual and it looks like if its attiny13a you can program custom levels

Ah interesting, they are at25. I’ll keep mucking with resistence then, thanks for dropping in!

We really need to find better names for this leds, when you say XPL HI 4B you know exactly which led is that but CSLNM1 and CULNM1! are we talking about whit leds, green!!!

Generally they’re known as ‘white flat 1mm2’ and ‘white flat 2mm2’

White flat 2mm2 is CSLPM1.TG, and was not mentioned above!
CSLNM1 and CULNM1 are both 1mm2 if I am not mistaking!

CULNM1.TG is a higher power version of CSLNM1.TG (3.2A vs 3A) its still 1mm2 but they are now discontinued and getting tricky to find. I’ve also not been able to find them in the higher bins only 5q which im not convinced is better than a 6n CSLNM1.TG.

CSLNM1.TG 6N at 3a makes 840 - 945Lumens
CULNM1.TG 5Q at 3a makes 710 - 800Lumens

But CULNM1.TG can stand higher currents when overrun , there are detailed tests on the start of this thread.

I’d really like to get my hands on some CSLNM1.TG 7N’s or CULNM1 6QF’s if anyone knows a guy please drop me a message :slight_smile:

Drat, it even confuses me.

Maybe we should mention the footprint when talking about white flat.

Do they all have the same power requirements?

The 2mm can handle more current and performs best at 8~9A. the 1mm performs best between 4,5~5A

As said, the 4040 version can handle more heat because of its surface.

8-9 you recon ?? mm ok i could only get my hands on a 7a 22mm driver, i have it in a Z1 host and it gets hot real fast, and also in a L21A host though i have yet to take it out and compare it to the regular 1mm version

I think led4power reopens soon i will grab some of his beast drivers…

I have also ordered some of the Green 1mm cslnm1.f1 these are significantly more powerful than the regular cslnm1.tg white flat and even more powerful than Culnm1.tg, im not sure what the Djozz drive figures are but just the bone stock figure eats the others alive

stock drive 4000ma @ 1450lm

You can bet your A* im dropping one of these in the Crelant with a 5a driver the day it arrives :slight_smile:

Djozz drive figures here: Osram Ostar Projection PC-green tested, KP CSLNM1 F1

Thanks Jozz, so it looks like it will be quite happy with a 6.5-7a driver, should be pretty impressive in a jax or similar host , shame its green but hey

When they arrive i will drop one into the Crelant and head to that same lake for some photos!

For plain seeing things this green beam is best but for figuring out what you are seeing, white is much better.

Edit: for fun I did another beamshot with the GT-micro (14500battery, 29mm reflector) with this “Green Flat”. It is amazing how far a toy-size flashlight gets with this led (tree trunks at 25 meter, pingpongtable at 80 meter, houses behind at 120 meter, exposure just about adjusted to what I see with my eyes)

Hmm, don’t know what to think of this LED, usually people only complain about greenish tints :confounded:

1 Thank

im not sure either, pretty cheap to try though Green flat

This is somewhat greenish indeed but let’s not exaggerate the issue…It throws nice!

gave one a go today, really packs a punch but It’s kinda nasty has a really eerie pale green glow like some alien search light

very unnatural color


You could make small business selling those greenies to UK hunters. They won’t mind…

Hunters Green…. Sadly i think Nightmaster beat us to it a few years back with their green envy series

Green Envy

They were charging obscene money too!

I just ordered the 20W green flat for building a pill for my B158 for just that!