Outdoorstockroom No Joke Grand Opening (CONTEST CLOSED)

We play with flashlights, so don’t worry, no one is hip here :slight_smile:
And good luck with the business!

LOL, I didn’t think of it that way. Thanks for the encouragment.

Just added some new items on the website, should be here in time for the sale. We added the Olight R20 Javelot, and also added some SOG stuff too for those interested. Thanks for looking.

I have to say, I am a little nervous. Tomorrow is the big day. We just got some new stock in too. I hope it’s a busy day tomorrow. Hope to see you there, digitally of course.

Good luck!

Thank you, we will need it.

Today is the day. come get the deals. You have to use the coupon codes to get the discounts. The live chat is open if there are any questions. Here are the details. Here is the website.

I picked up an Olight S2A. I’ve wanted another 2xAA light for a while now; I really like the Olight TIR beam, and a good price sealed the deal. Thanks, and I hope your site/sale does well!

Thank you sir. There really isn’t much action, so you probably going to get your pick of free stuff. I will email you tomorrow.

Ordered one. Thank you

Thank you so much. I’ll email you tomorrow with what is left from the free pile.

Well…you won a flashlight. Congratulations!

I want to thank the people came to visit and the guys that ordered. I am very grateful for the orders we got. We appreciate the business. Thank you all.

Dang. I saw this announcement over a week ago and forgot to check back in time. Maybe next time. :THUMBS-UP:

That was a mistake I made. I didn’t capitalize on the excitement. “Here’s a sale a month away, get excited!” That doesn’t work to get people motivated to buy from us.