ozark trail(walmart) ot-50l $1 light

luxeon clone led with resistor.
grippy plastic.
can take 18650 with a spacer and did not overheat.
220ma on a fully charged laptop salvage 18650.
part op and part smo reflector.
likely the best 3aaa $1 light out there.

Maybe I’m looking at the wrong light, but the one I’m seeing costs $9.98. Might be a good deal for $1, but for $10?

OT-50L @Walmart

I have the 100lm version from about 7 or 8 years ago. The smooth threads and thicker body gave it a premium quality feel compared to other offerings at the time.

Old Lumens review

looks like they reused the model number.
this one was on an endcap with other $1 lights.
lots of colors too.

I saw these the other day and was impressed for $1.
The $1 headlamps, however, weren’t as impressive.

coin cells in anything but momentary use lights like a photon/fauxton =FAIL!
and 3aaa lights i only find tolerable if they can take 18650 or 18500 without melting down.
too many are dd .
which means if you feed them with a battery whos voltage does not sag severely you may get smoke!