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Nitecore EA11 Outdoor LED Flashlight

Cree XM L2 U2 ( 900Lm 8 Modes 1 x AA / 14500 Battery ) - BLACK

$31.99 Code: FORJAYZILLA

if ya got one for the EC11 im in.

Sorry, no code for the EC11 at the monent.

no longer works:
Lumintop Copper Tool AAA LED Flashlight (link is external)

Any led tint

$22.99 Code: NMCJ

What are you talking about man?

It still works for me.

It’s his own thread… He’s posting deals for us.

I, for one, appreciate Pablo posting these.

To each their own, I suppose.

What on earth are you rambling about

Please elaborate,
You have your own similar thread since a month back as far as I can see, so what is this about?

From where I am sitting it surely do not look “nice”.

(like this thread and also used it)

Edit in,
Got to think about it some more.

Even “better” comment if you average out post/day since registration here.
This if I calculated correctly comes out to 3 posts a day from the “accuser” and only 0.41 a day from the “spam accused” :slight_smile:

This not taking in account post intensity.

Pablo E. isn't doing anything wrong.

Check out this thread:


Thank you all a lot for your support.

At least Pablo started out as a regular member and seems to have an interest in flashlights. The accusatory poster seems to only post aff links :money_mouth_face: :weary:

I sometimes wonder to what extend the affiliates actually negotiate deals posted in “member negotiated deals” subforum…
(off topic here i guess…)

I enjoy perusing the deals posted in this thread and am planning to avail myself of Pablo’s significant savings shortly (read, when I get paid next).

Thanks, Pablo!

Keep it up.

Thanks for the comments!


NCR18650GA Li-ion Battery

3500mAh 10A 4.2V 18650 - 8PCS RED

$31.99 Flash sale (add product to cart if discounted price isn't shown)

LiitoKala Lii - 100 Smart Universal Battery Charger

$3.59 Flash sale (add product to cart if discounted price isn't shown)


Astrolux TB-01 Bullet Mini LED Keychain Flashlight

Copper/Stainless Steel 45LM

$4.89 Flash sale

Astrolux E01 Mini LED Flashlight

XP-L 900lumens 8modes 18350

$17.99 Flash sale

ReyLight Brass Pineapple Mini EDC LED Flashlight

219CT 9050 4Modes AA/14500

$35.95 Flash sale


Jetbeam JET - I MK LED Flashlight

TITANIUM GREY Cree XP - G2 480LM AA 14500

$13.99 Flash sale


LUMINTOP Copper Tool Mini Keychain Flashlight

XP-G2 R5 And Nichia LED 110LM

$22.95 (can be added points) PM only


CooYoo Quantum AL Mini Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Cree XP G2 - BLUE

$16.69 Code: EIUD