PAlight V60 World's smallest 18650 XM-L light! (smaller than SC600)

That’s amazing that your XTAR 2600 can work. Mine doesn;t.

@those who already have the light:
Is it feasible to remove the driver and put in a QTC pill?

btw, hi forum!

The Palight now has competition at just 2mm longer and 1mm fatter.

2100 you should change your first post tp PWM and not current regulation.

What is up with the ridiculous mode arrangements? Bah. Just ruins these lights completely.

I’ve tried several different cells and the tapping UI doesn’t work with any of them….

Panasonic unprotected

Any suggestions?

nice small light but not at small price :money_mouth_face:

any other competitors than this one?
has anyone got any experience from this nico nature?

Smallest (shortest) 1x18650 i would buy is the Nitecore EC2, just 99mm long and 59grams.
The lightest and thinnest of all (22mm) is the *EagleTac D25L2C *weighting only 44.5gr but is 108mm long.

The impressively short 98mm *Palight V60 *weights 80gr. but i am not sure i could trust it more than the brand names above.

Other excellent choices of small 1x18650 flashlights include the Olight S20Baton (106mmx23) at 52gr as well as the Zebra SC600 at 107mm length and 87gr.

My personal choice is the Nitecore EC2 followed by Olight S20baton.

It works, but switching modes just absolutely kills it for me.

To be very clear, it does NOT have a tailcap switch. You can tap it to change modes, or twist to change modes.

Mine always starts on high, which I prefer.

The threads and finish are very nice. If it wasn't for the tap to change modes, and twist to turn on, and strobe, and SOS, this would indeed be a nice light.

Unfortunately the way it is, it's a an odd duck that I can't see myself ever using.

If anyone wants it, $23 shipped via first class, US CONUS only, send me a pm.

Yes such a ring would allow protected cells, and you can get the tapping interface with protected button-top cells without exposing the o-ring completely. But then you would be missing the off-mode :slight_smile:
And when i screw it tight enough to have no part of the o-ring exposed, the spring is already too tight to allow for tap-mode-changing with my xtar 3100mAh battery.

It is also usable as a pure twisty with flat-top protected cells (AW 2900mAh works for me), but the mode-selection is a bit jumpy.

Regarding PWM: there’s something funny about this light’s PWM. The output during the “on”-cycle is so much
that i can actually HEAR the PWM, and not from the light, but from the object that is lit up by the light (at least on dark clothing).

My Fenix TK12 clip works ok.

I own that one, too. It is shorter than the V60 but longer than my Zebralight SC60w (also 18650).
And i’ll probably get a Zebralight H600w, with about the same size as the SC60, but running an XM-L.

Still, for the price the PAlight is a nice light with a not-so-nice driver.

And to answer my own question about QTC:
This seems to be a good light for QTC. I resoldered the negative wire from the LED to another contact of the driver, making it direct-drive. Then i removed the spring from the tube and put a QTC pill in the back. Now i need a way to make the head always have contact with the body, not only when tightened. The beforementioned copper ring is too thick, i need the head to screw on almost as far as it did before.

Wait, you're saying that you can hear the PWM of the light hitting the object? That is basically impossible. That noise you're hearing is coming from a not quite perfect connection somewhere in the light. (My experience)

I think the way this works is that the intense light is heating up the fabric for a short amount of time (duty cycle), so the fabric expands. During the off cycle the fabric can cool down. So basically the fabric is oscillating.
The sound definitely came from my clothes and not from the light. I couldn’t hear anything when i pointed the light at the white wall, for example.

The Xeno S3A might be slightly thinner but is also a tad longer and heavier at 111mm and 50g, respectively.

I don’t have one to measure but the manufacturer claims 21.5mm. I know, that’s splitting hairs… literally :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow that’s incredible! I have a Quark 18650 tube which seems to be almost too thin to handle the 18650 (they really had problems getting threads into that thin thing), but it still is at 22mm.

Over at cpf there’s a photo of the xeno with a caliper showing 21.4mm, so their claim even seems to be an overstatement (again, splitting hairs :slight_smile: ).

can we now say,this palight m600 or m900 are the smallest zoomies for 18650? do we have something smaller?

it is the smallest, unfortunately the it’s … meh, even after putting in FET driver it’s still less bright than T20

i did amistake.this is v60….not zoomie
i asked for m600 or m900…this are different models…:laughing: iam going to look for them here.

Smallest 18650 zoomie is the Aleto N8 Aleto N8

Good luck finding one though. The only supplier I found who sold them was a single Ebay seller. Last I checked I could no longer find a listing for this light.

Stock they are something like 108mm with a decently wide flood mode and fairly tight (for an XML) spot mode due to the fairly long focal length lens.

Quite moddable too. I modded mine extensively, and got it as short as 91mm … remarkably short for an 18650 zoomie. Modding the Aleto N8

I’ve continued to tinker with it though. In current form, my Aleto N8 is 94mm long. I gave it a unique optic system that gives it a super-wide flood beam… 136 degrees. Something like 4x as wide as a Sipik 68 floodbeam. Spot mode isn’t that bright though, only around 13k lux (actually less now that I reduced the current in the driver).

this looks very bad.and very cheap…brr.i dont like it:!!