Panasonic branded AA and AAA NiMH cells

Spotted these recently in Morrisons here in UK:

They have white tops and the capacities seem to indicate they are eneloops.

Your pictures aren’t showing. ;_;

You can try quoting me and copying the code?

Thanks Chloe I used the wrong coding and it froze when I tried to edit after I first posted.

You’re welcome. I have not seen these in stores yet. I wonder what kind, stays charged for a year but 750 and 1900 mAh? Why only reusable hundreds of times instead of over a thousand (!!!)?

Cheapest price for eneloops I’ve seen, if they are indeed eneloops.

The Contour Energy are even cheaper, but could be 1st gen.

They aren’t eneloops but do make use of some ‘eneloop technology’ which Panasonic incorporated into their ‘infinium’ line (now ‘evolta’) when they bought out Sanyo.

Until recently you could get Duraloops at Sainsbury’s for about £6 a pack, but £7.50 isn’t bad for evoltas.

You can get 3rd gen eneloop from Amazon for a little more (7.89 GBP).

But why pay for shipping and have to wait an eternity to get your order if you don’t have to.

Yes, but who wants to pay for shipping and wait an eternity to vet your order if you don’t have to.

I have similar panasonic batteries, but they are made in china.
Just check the package before purchase.
They are also very light in weight then eneloops.

Looks like free UK shipping to me.

Same for US; I don’t get why 3rd gen are cheaper than 2nd gen.

Amazon Ene 3rd Gen

Though the 2nd gen are sold by Amazon and get 2-day ship (if prime/student)

Free shipping from a UK based store[1] vs. going to a supermarket? I guess if you need them in an emergency…

  1. I see the Amazon page has changed to iCell Media, who can be a bit slow, but the price I gave was from Battery Logic. :smiley: ↩︎