Panasonic Eneloop and Evolta Chargers + Batteries sets (including LImited Edition) shipped from Japan

I had been looking for a 2-bay Panasonic BQ-CC23 charger and could not find any reasonably priced. I did find out that one eBay seller from Japan sold them in the recent past. I messaged her asking her if she could put them for sale again. She kindly agreed and put for sale this and many other great Panasonic Chargers, including some limited edition charger/battery sets that no other eBay seller sells as of the day of this writing.

I wanted to share this find with my BLF fellow members, especially if you are looking for a limited edition or a harder to find model such as BQ-CC23:

Panasonic Chargers from seller ‘jaipjapan’ on Ebay

The seller’s store:

If you are looking to buy one, I would recommend these 3 models (K-KJ11, K-KJ23, K-KJ21):

Excellent chargers:

K-KJ23………. - 2 bay smart charger, uses independent channels with LED for each (around $20)
K-KJ21………. - 4 bay smart charger. Otherwise, same as K-KJ23. It can also fast charge if only 2 batteries a loaded instead of 4 (around $30)
K-KJ11………. - 4 bay smart charger. Same as K-KJ21 and also zero power consumption when no batteries are inserted (around $40)

Good charger:

K-KJ22………. - 4 bay smart charger. Same as K-KJ21 except it cannot fast charge nor diagnose if the battery’s life is over and uses 1 LED for all 4 independent channels instead of 4 LEDs.

Charger specifically for Eneloop and Evolta Light batteries:

K-KJ24………. - It uses a timer to finish charging a battery instead of voltages and may over/under charger a battery some.

All chargers come with US-style plug.

The last 2 digits of the model number tells us what batteries are included with the charger

20 in model K-KJ23MCC20 means that there are 2 AA and 0 AAA batteries
02 in model K-KJ23MCC02 means that there are 0 AA and 2 AAA batteries
22 in model K-KJ22MCC22 means that there are 2 AA and 2 AAA batteries
40 in model K-KJ21MCC40 means that there are 4 AA and 0 AAA batteries

MCC in the model numbers means that it is Eneloop standard batteries
HCC in the model number means that it is Eneloop pro batteries
LCC in the model numberer means that it is Eneloop Light batteries
HLC in the model numberer means that it is Evolta Pro batteries
MLE in the model numberer means that it is Evolta Standard batteries

Chargers may be colored black or white but they are identical whether they come with Evolta of Eneloop batteries, whether black or white.

For more info read this PDF Panasonic Chargers

It is in Japanese but if you have a Linux/Unix/Mac computer (or perhaps on Windows with some good PDF reader other than Adobe), you can copy and paste whole sentences and translate it via Google Translate

HKJ released his review of excellent Panasonic BQ-CC14 charger Test/Review of Charger Panasonic BQ-CC14 which confirmed that Panasonic makes excellent chargers for their Eneloop/Evolta batteries.

P.S. The chargers are all 110 - 240 Volts and will work around the world with an appropriate adapter such as Ceptics 3 Outlet Travel Adapter Plug Type C for Most of Europe, Turkey

This can be very useful if you travel to another country and want to charge your picture camera, flashlight, mp3 player, etc. there.

Just for your information. See this post:

Those codes you mentioned (k-kj xx)are not "chargers", but charger sets, see my link above. Chargers are coded with BQ CC.

And the bq cc23 you said to be hard to get, is nothing special. And not more difficult to get than any of the other ones. So I don't k ow where you got that info from? Did the seller say that? The be bq cc21 is the better one of all. And the bq cc11 is probably the newest.

If you want to know more, look at the eneloop overview thread, or my sales thread. Most people here weren't really interested in chargers (sets).

Both threads linked in my Sig.