Panny B, real or fake?

Hi Guys

I received a 4 pack of these from the Sunway store on Ali recently, and they rested at roughly 3100 on my Lii 500, wheras my previous Panny B tests at 3500. I redid the normal test several times, and the only improvement was when I reduced the charge rate to 500, then I got about 3200 average.

As per the pic my genuine Panny B is in the middle, showing different orientation and printing style of the letters at the bottom, and more overlap of the green wrap at the top. The genuine one has letters that appear to be inked on afterwards, wheras the others show it as part of the printed wrap, and on the opposite side, so I had to rotate one by 180 to show it in the pic.

What do you think, and what else can I check? I don’t have any fancy test kit. I don’t know whether it is worth lodging a dispute.
How do these compare to other batches of the genuine article?

Hey mate i cant say for certain but looking at the testing of these cells the capacity seems right. Keep in mind that the Engineer 500 will always read more or less capacity when compared to a proper tester.

It's not clear on the photo but as far as i can see there are two different fonts used in the "NCR18650B". Compared to my B cells the font on the middle cell is the same and on the left cell is different. Take a look:

Fake I would say. See thread for some other ones: Massive fraud on 18650s in the Littokala Aliexpress stores!