[PART 1] Official BLF GT Group Buy thread. Group buy officially closed! Lights shipping.

Where does the list of who paid live?

I keep losing it in this mountain of posts.

TA and others have mentioned a few times that there isn’t currently one, nor likely to be any more.

Neal/Lumintop know whos paid - that’s what matters, right? Sounds like the paid list was causing too many issues and PM’s for Neal.

Not sure if this will help any, but go to page 1 of this thread and scroll down.

ok dale, im about tired of looking at that same old tower for days now.
please go out and find another tower, or building to light up.
then we will at least have another object to argue over :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Yeah I saw Thisjco had one but Marco Heisler has one too “But why do I have one, I am in europe too”…. Odd

So more and more peed off that this is seemingly happening totally out of order.

Did you see Enderman’s write-up about tuning for throw?

Prior to reading that, I would have been doing exactly what you are doing.

ouch, i got 113, age 30-39

I'm in for at least one.

Anyone else from Europe received shipping notification?

Strange that only two members reported, one from from Australia and second for Finland??

Wow, if I was a volunteer working on this project for no compensation I would be incredibly turned off of ever helping future BLF projects by all these crybaby comments. Some of you really need to calm down, big time.

Oh man, you guys need to hit a brakes a bit, took me several hrs to go thru good 10-15 new pages of comments just from yesterday. :person_facepalming:

Anyways I received my GT yesterday, I don’t know my exact number on the list, something between 200 and 300, I think.
I payd for the light and 8 pcs Samsung cells on December 2, DHL shipping to Serbia.
So, yeah, its here.

Maybe it’s already happened.

Nope, wow nice, I like it! Thank You!

I hope not, but i understand them if they are.

treat someone else as you want to be treated ( sorry if it doesn’t sound, a dutch saying trough google translate : behandel een ander zoals jezelf behandeld wil worden )

Missed 900 new posts, anything important/ useful that I missed?

If I counted well there are 2 or 3 European GT’s on it’s way with notification from DHL. I guess most will just show up. Some people in my family and myself didn’t got a notification. But that’s good so far, because notifications from DHL means mostly you have to pay them before they deliver.

Just to clarify, none of my comments are directed at the team. They did a great job.
Only Lumintop is at fault for allowing subpar reflectors to leave the factory.

Okay, I just tested my GT, I live in the city, so I do not have large enough clear sight to test the throw, but I wanted to comment on the tint issue, in fact it’s not that bad, not yellow-yellow like in that video at all.
Although my personal preference is CW (5500 to 6000K is what I like) supplied, what was it, 4000K, is fine by me.

BTW. I didn’t get any forward notice about the shipment, guy from DHL just called me yesterday morning saying “you home, I have a package for you?”

Both my GT's are in the 4300k-4500k range

If it’s 4D tint like TA said, then indeed should be 4200-4300K

Sirius9 I am glad you are happy with stock GT :+1: