[PART 1] Official BLF GT Group Buy thread. Group buy officially closed! Lights shipping.

What Tom E said except for some people think I never wake up. :slight_smile:

As long as the dreams are good, that sounds fine to me :slight_smile:


Yes if you read through the different prototype reviews there is a lot of good, some not so good and so it is all put in a list to be emailed to LT

the guys talking about 5S/7S why not design a classic handle design. Maybe even a modern day Maxabeam. its not like the handle design is not usable, hell i would think for such a large light it would make it more usable and likely a bit prettier. Im not exactly sure how difficult/expensive it would be to design a square box and fix this head onto it in a pleasant fashion would be but i cant imagine it being too terrible with a bit of time/design. Your end result would likely be expensive, but the maxabeam is dated and also expensive.

LED tech maybe is not quite there yet - The Maxabeam has a 12 Mcd rating with a focus-able beam pattern. Specs here: http://searchlights.peakbeam.com_Spec_MBS-410.pdf. I like the 12 lux at 1,000 meters...

Conventional LED optics says to use an aspheric lens to be somewhat comparable - big challenge for even a fraction of the distance capability. Probably some combo of Fresnel, and aspheric maybe - if you can get the size down to something reasonable. Would be an interesting challenge. Peak Beam Systems seems to be stuck in a time warp with what they got. Seems like a void waiting to be filled with a cost saving, more reliable LED solution. There's guys in, or were in this space - MEM being one.

The Maxabeam will probably not be beaten in the near future. Physics are the main problem here.
Also, it needs to be said that Peakbeam has repeatedly upgraded the light on the inside (better reflector, better bulb, more power, better battery etc.). They just never changed the outside design much.

Here is the most similar sized farthest throwing led light: The OptoFire Searchlight | BEAMSHOTS on page 3 | record-breaking aspheric LED thrower
Here my light with maxabeam reflector: Project Excalibur - Next Generation LED Thrower (many pics) - UPDATE 2018-01-24

Both are much weaker.

Yes, another box-design fan :smiley: I told you that the way to go. (whine, whine :stuck_out_tongue: )

I have found a deal on aliexpress. 8 Protected NCR18650B for $28.15 including very fast “Turkey Post” shipping even for the US :D.

Since you have said that this lamp only pulls low current, I think protected cells are not a problem. So what do you think, should I buy this?

Sounds like a decent deal. Yes, low current draw.

Do you have a link for them?


Sorry the page is Turkish. This time you need to use the translator :slight_smile: . $2 discount gets auto applied.

If you want to buy I recommend “Turkey Post” they are one of few carriers that allow li-ion battery and is very fast (4-5 days to Turkey). Also for Europe, generally postage carried by Turkey Post does not get stuck at customs. But if you are from Netherlands, Germany or Austria please do not use Turkey Post :smiley:


The English version

I suggests use the bridge inside the springs and brass pill to Increase the contact area.

i always wondering about Turkey post as that is the only available option for me or DHL. i might order some batteries.

No - only high drain low resistance cells. The buck driver has little overhead of voltage to fool around with. Pana B's will probably fall out of regulation right away

This is sort of off topic, but the next LED light that I build should be equal to or more powerful than the maxabeam.
Obviously not as compact, but I am pretty sure I can beat it :slight_smile:

Wow, you statement conflicts with others. Thank you for the information.

If possible can you recommend me a budget cell for this flashlight? I do not want to buy 30Q or VTC6 because they are expensive. I will buy 30q for the Q8 because it is clear that it needs power unlike this flashlight but this one also needs high power?

You really want something like 30Q's. There's more tweaks to come so may be hard to judge cell behaviors totally yet. I've gotten deals of like 4 30Q's for $20 shipped before and stocked up on them. There's been some group buy deals goin on with them for the Q8 - dunno off hand, maybe check around.

Here for $20.88 shipped US: https://www.banggood.com/4PCS-Samsung-INR18650-30Q. These are Button Tops (BT) but the flat tops are more $$$ - makes no sense.

Poor quality no name/no spec protection circuitry on a poor performing cell is about as bad as it gets with those Pana B's.

Enderman - Holy cow, that thrower you built is impressive!!! There's some custom/off shelf 1-2 Mcd lights out there, but for few hundred $$$.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Yeah, building my light cost several hundred just in parts, and some parts are not really available on the market anymore, so something like that would be really hard to make commercially available.

Hopefully the next one I build should more powerful than the maxabeam and use easily available parts.
It will be bigger, but still portable, and should cost less too :smiley:
The GT is still gonna be one of the farthest throwing mass produced LED flashlights, and the best one at this price by far.
I’m not getting one, but I highly encourage anyone who still hasn’t signed up for one to add themselves to the list, because even though the first 555 spots are filled not all of those people will reply when it is time to pay up, and people who are not in the first 555 will be picked next!

I have ordered 5pcs new Littokala 35A 18650 aka Sanyo GA 3500mAh for 23$ plus 2$ shipping with Turkish post. Ordered on 2.August, today announced for delivery tomorrow morning. Good dam that’s fast!! 7 days shipping is something I would expect from premium shipping options.
Btw shop is named Offical Littokala store on Ali…

If I can still get in on one of these lists I’ve finally convinced myself that I need to have one. Thanks.