[PART 1] Official BLF GT Group Buy thread. Group buy officially closed! Lights shipping.

Talking about things happening here is a run time chart with the BLF GT proto Narsil running two amps at the end of ramping.
This particular GT also has spring bypasses on the battery carrier.
The runs were stopped when the low voltage kicked in for the first time.

This chart is a comparison running the BLF GT on high, the original Narsil at 2.5 amps and the proto Narsil at 2 amps. Both runs were with 30Q batteries.

Also remember that those runtime tests are with the short tube 4 cell version, 45 mins from 4 cells before even dropping out of regulation! That is properly good.

So expect about double that from a long tube with a full 8 cells.

About 1.5 hours of full powered runtime and another ~1.5 hours before it hits LVP.

Nice MRsDNF!
Looks good to me, but hat is easy :smiley:

Is it too late to get on the list? If not, please put me down for one.

I managed to get some lumen readings off my light with some creative hand holding (literally, I had to hold a smaller C8 reflector over the LED as the normal one is too big for the sphere, sadly I ripped off a good hunk of silicone while doing this but the LED seems to still be good, I don’t recommend others doing this unless you are willing to replace the LED).

Keep in mind this is not the final LED that will ship in the light, It is an E2 3C LED, the one from my test here: XHP35 output and death test + PWM efficiency test by Texas_Ace

Unsurprisingly it put out over 2600 lumens on turbo @ ~10 seconds before the reflector shifted and I stopped the test.

This was done with 8 laptop pulls, which I have been using since after the first day in this light with no complaints at all except that the springs have a bit more resistance then is ideal but this is being fixed before production.

Awesome lumen readings, and results with Narsil proto, looking forward to see the final results with all improvements…

The China seller is:


A similar one is available from a USA seller for $15.34. It does not have the pocket on the outside but it looks to be made a little better and has a brand name with a year warranty.:


The China one is 130 mm thick outer dimension, and the GT is 134 mm in diameter at the head, so, they'll be some bulging I guess?

The US one is 160 mm outer, so even there, but bulge depending on padding width in front and back. Think'n bout the US one... Maybe. Nice to be able to backpack a tripod, a GT, and even camera gear maybe.

@ The Miller

Please put me on the list for a second GT.
I´m number 76 for first GT.


Screw it, put me down for one please

Would this one be fitting?
Airborne Package

You should wait for GT and then look for the holster :wink:
Any idea when They begin to sell the GT?

Jimmy, it’s a brand new design so everything needs to be developed and approved. Everyone involved wants it to be a top notch light so that means it’s going to take time, but the manufacturer appears eager to get it made. Those are competing forces. The answer is that no one has a timeline at this point.

just shot my tn42 at 20 meters
ive been getting readings at 10 meters up until tonight
at 10 meters it usually comes in at 770k , to 775k like clock work
tonight i went out side and shot it at 20 meters heres where it came in at
it does seem throwers need many meters to get true readings huh
im still hoping for 1.2 mill lux on this gt, or maybe more
one would think if my 42 will push 900k lux , it should be possible

I see Acebeam’s k70 also drives a single XHP35HI to 2600 lumens, so does that mean it is safe (for the LED) to do so? Can we expect the same from the GT?

Funny how the Emisar D4 on an 18350 can output the same amount of light (for a few seconds at least), thats gonna be pretty interesting to explain to non flashaholics.

Thinking about that, I’ve also always had the idea that the fins and all were just for aesthetic’s sake due to the light’s thermal mass, but considering how hot the D4 gets, perhaps they do serve some purpose after all.

In my test of the xhp35, it didn’t blow until 4.5A+. Turbo is only driving it to 2.5A, so there is a large margin for error and it should live a long happy life.

Technically you can gain a bit more lumens by going up to 3A but at the cost of MUCH more heat, and the heat soak will pull the lumens down to the same or lower as 2.5A after a few minuintes. It is possible for someone to mod it for a bit more umph for those first few mins though.

The reason the D4 can do that is because it has 4 XP-L LED’s to spread the load. The xhp35 has 4 XP-E dies which are much weaker but throw further.

I will be testing an XHP70.2 in this light that should do around 5000+ lumens but throw will be reduced.

There have been talks of a possible later version with 4x LED’s like the TN40? The one with the Q8 style reflector.

For example here is my EDC triple S8 with ~3000 lumens vs the GT with a “mere” 2600 lumens. I edited the GT beamshot to closer reflect what we saw with the human eye. The beam was so bright due to the humidity it kept screwing with the camera.

So while they may have similar lumen output, they could not be more different in how they use those lumens. The triple is fantastic for anything within ~100 feet and usable out to maybe 200 feet. Past that it just can’t hack it. The GT is only getting started at 200 feet.

S8, note dat high CRI goodness, I love the tint on this light:


Lovely spot TA, would love to see a Q8 beamshot there too :wink:

I would gladly give a Q8 beamshot there if I had one :wink: lol