Parts For a Triple LED Flashlight Build

Looking for suggestions for a triple led flashlight. Looking to buy from Mt electronics.

So far I picked the host, JAXMAN E2L Triple LED Flashlight Host

Looking for suggestions on a 20mm led, 17mm driver , the lense and 18650 battery. Thanks in advance!

Fet driver, no doubt and 30Q cell.

Any particular fet driver?

I use BLF X6 X5/Astrolux S2 S3 SS SC Taschenlampe Treiber Sale - Banggood Deutschland-arrival notice-arrival notice , MTN should have this too.

Not finding it.

I suggest the H17F driver from Mountain Electronics.

Not cheap, but in my opinion it’s the best clicky driver available. It pretty much has everything: Temp sensor, double-click shortcut, all modes fully programmable, multiple 7135 chips plus a FET. I consider it to be much superior to the BLF A6 driver.

Led recommend? Lense? Seems to need a lense if domed?

Most common type of reflector for these triples is the Carclo 10507 (also available from Mountain Electronics).

You don’t need to purchase a separate lens to go on top of the optic. The Jaxman E2L host from Mountain Electronics comes with one.

For LEDs, the following will all work with the 10507 optic:

XPL HI - produces high lumens and the brightest hotspot.
XPG2 - similar beam pattern to XPL HI, but less bright.
XPG3 - Slightly brighter than XPG2 and dimmer than XPL HI. Gets hot fast.
Nichia 219C - gets very hot very fast. Very wide floody beam with much less throw than XPL HI. Can be purchased in high CRI
XPL2 - similar beam pattern to Nichia 219C, but brighter.

Personally, I recommend XPL HI in 5000K neutral white. The XPL HI 3A tint is a good choice.

This one?

Another way to do it, with a modified H1-A boost driver and an in series triple. Jensen567 example(s): #19 in Buck and Boost Drivers, Testing, Modding, and Discussion

The H1-A can reliably handle 2.5A for a triple, ≈25W, maybe a tad more but it may start having trouble with its 10A input limit and non-heatsinked driver ground plane (because of reverse polarity protection). To me this is no problem, that's already a nice lot of power for an E2L, and you attain fully regulated modes in a truly useable light without having to worry about blowing up emitters, PWM and other *cough cough* driver nuisances.


Honestly I’d only go with a boost driver only if he were going to use a higher voltage single LED at the moment. For now I’ll keep recommending the MTN17DD running Bistro and using the temp sensor. Once all the great folks here get a boost driver running something like Bistro/Biscotti then I will make the change.

I’d also recommend getting a few if not all of the Carclo 3-UP optics just so you can swap them to preference or based on use. I have an E2L with stock XP-G2s that I put the MTN17DD in and I prefer the wide frosted optic for anything indoors or up close. The narrow optic is actually rather concentrated.

I built my JAXMAN E2L with the MTN-17DD FET + 7135 driver with Bistro, Nichia 80+ LEDs, and narrow spot optics. I really like Bistro since it has up to 8 brightness levels (plus a great moonlight mode) and medium press to lower the levels. I don’t think the H17F driver has the medium press function which I use all the time.

For the battery, the Samsung 30Q will give you maximum output, but the Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh will give you a longer turbo time before it gets too hot. I would also go with a flat top.

You may also want to get the deep carry pocket clip.

Here’s what I think I’ll go with

FET + 7135 Driver - 17mm - MTN-17DDm

JAXMAN E2L Triple LED Flashlight Host - Grey

10507 Carclo Lens - 3-UP Narrow Spot Optic

Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh Unprotected Flat Top


Finished the light, she’s bright!!!

I recommend xpl hi v3 led.

I know your light put out 1600 lumen and 15k lux… nice light!

This thread is a great example of what BLF does best. Thank you all.