Payment Thread for C-10 BLF (Refunds sent because FT didn't honor their price)

In the OP, he clearly states add anything you like to get to $20 to qualify for free tracking. So that would be why I was doing it. Although I stopped the charger for other reasons anyway. There is also several references to it here too.

Yea i know that, but i wouldn’t want to complicate things this way for a lousy $1 for tracking. anyway u do as u wish :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, $12.80 for one host+driver+emitter, $12 for 18sixfifty’s modding/assembly/shipping service, $1 for tracking (from you, inside the US), so $25.80 for one modded light? ($26.57 with 3% paypal overhead)

That’s actually a pretty great deal, and a wonderful thing you’re doing for BLF. :slight_smile:

I know nobody has actually tested one yet, but if I understand correctly, the modded light could probably out-throw a TK75 (~90 kcd lux) if it performs roughly like a C8. (XP-G2 dedomed @ 2.8A)

I really don’t mind the extras. If it helps people get over twenty bucks it’s fine with me. Just please add a link like Ejected Filament did. That keeps it all simple enough for me.

Paypal'd and PM'd

Thanks, 18sixfifty

Thanks for the effort! Paid

Payment and message sent. Thank you.

Paypal and PM sent. Thanks!

PM and gift sent for 2 kits and 3 emitters.
Thank you 18sixfifty.

Payment and PM sent. Thanks!

Payment sent! Thanks for hosting this group buy 18sixfifty.

Payment sent for 3 hosts + PP fees, $26.50


Payment and fee sent for

2 host
5 emitter
5 driver

Thanks for all your work on getting this going.

Will you be letting us know when the 50 mark has been hit??

PayPal and PM sent.

PP payment and PM sent for 3 full kits, 3 extra emitters. Thanks!!

Paypal and PM sent for 5 XP-G2's.

I’ll keep everyone posted. But it’s going to hit fifty without a problem at all. It might be at that by now.

Payment sent. Added a small fujik

Payment sent for 1 complete set. Thanks!

PM and Paypal sent.