Photobucket images broken, $399 a year!

I closed my photobucket account when all this nonsense happened a year ago. Been using imgur ever since. I couldn’t be happier.

I don’t use my photobucket account anymore, but I kept it open to preserve images in old posts - people can still see them if they install a photobucket fix add-on in their browser, just like I can still see other people’s PB images if they kept their PB account open.

Hey, I just got an email from Photobucket saying they have a new management team and will be offering 3rd party hosting for $2 month or $20 a year.

I guess saner minds have prevailed, finally. Check it out.

That’s great but still about $20 too much.

I guess it depends on your situation. I can’t remember when I started using Photobucket, maybe 12 or 13 years ago, I’ve got over a thousand pictures over many different forums that are all blank now. There’s no way I’m going to try and go back and change all of those links. Even if I could find all those old threads, it’s way too much work. $20 a year is no big deal to me. I spend more on Taco Tuesday. LOL

Some forum members here on BLF, like Tom E, shelled out 400 bucks a year to keep all of his many images working. I’m sure the vast majority of people here are going to see this as a positive thing.

Ps, I still need to do more research on the details as I’ve only glossed over it so far.

I’ve been using PB since about 2005 as well.

All a person needs to do is install a free browser add-on, as I mentioned a few posts earlier, and they will be able to see all your PB images without you paying anything to PB.

Used Flickr for a very long time and still no fees for me.

I had a survey from someone about Photobucket awhile ago. Needless to say they had a disappointing result from me.

While not free… $20 a year seems very reasonable. Especially if you look at it the way Jason brought up…… looking at it that way makes it a downright bargain. :wink:

I was paying $40/yr was okay with that (though it was about the max I was willing to pay). I’ve already moved everything to Flickr and I’m not going back now (my previous photos are still on PB too). The only thread I’m concerned about fixing my links in is My Bike Lights thread. I’m gradually working through it, but it’s a slow process!


Nice to see all the missing photos re-appear in the various photos of your lights threads

I just noticed some of my photobucket images are back with a water mark that says “Proudly hosted on Photobucket”

I didn’t pay, they must be using them for advertising.

Then I found this

with their watermarks…they are no longer yours….they are theirs

I am quite sure I have deleted all my pictures when I stopped using Photo(.)ucket.
For once I am glad my old ISP kicked me (and thousands others) to the curb because of regulatory issues.

I noticed the watermark on other’s images, but I just checked and mine haven’t shown that yet. I’m not sure what my exact cut-off date is that my previously “paid” service drops to their free service. At least it’s better than losing the view of the images entirely!


I deleted all my images off Photobucket and canceled my account when they pulled that nonsense over a year ago. I’ve been happily using imgur ever since.

Edit: I see I already posted on the first page. I guess I’m going senile. Oh well. My advice to you young people, Don’t Get Old! lol

The watermark only shows when the photo is displayed on a third party website (like BLF). The watermark will not show if you are viewing the photo on photobucket’s website directly.

Correct. I checked posts on BLF with pics still hosted on PhotoBucket and they’re not watermarked yet.


Just wanted to say if anyone still has “Photobucket Embedded Image Fix” installed in Chrome, it was producing random ad popups for me when I visited sites like Aliexpress and eBay. It no longer appears in the Chrome store and I assume that’s why. Took me ages to track down what was causing the damn popups.

Dang good to know. That’s the kind of good info that justifies a necro.