Please educate me on Nichia 219 LED's.

Is there a equivalent to the CREE bin graph for Nichia?
Is the 4500k the only 92 CRI LED?
Are exactly the same dimensions as XP-G/XP-G2 or just very similar?
How does the beam angle compare to XP-G?
Anything else I should know?

Even links to pictures and articles will be a great help.

I am gathering information for a Nichia 219 limited edition group buy of a currently available XP-G light.

Thanks in advance.

Cree’s 4A/4D tint bins are about equivalent to Nichia’s SW45 tint bin. The 219 has the same footprint as the XP-E/G/2 and so can be used with XP-footprint MCPCBs. I think the viewing angle is similar to the XP-G1 but not exactly the same.

No mention of viewing angle in the Hi-CRI 219 datasheet

First of all, I would say to check out this link.

But to answer your questions: Nichia has only released some numbers, but I will put those into a graph for you and post it. Yes, only the H1 bin is the High CRI one. They are almost exactly the same size, one of the differences is the size and shape of the anode and cathode. Despite this they work quite well on stars meant for XP-G LEDs. I have personally never seen a listed beam angle, but I will look around a bit more to try to find one for you.'x19A'

Old-lumens, that is not for the high CRI version of the LED, this is the correct datasheet.

Ok, here a lumen graph is for their listed output but I remember I found some actual measured numbers so I will make one of those next.

that first link shows a 120 degree beam angle, unless im reading it wrong…?

Ok, here some lumen tests are.

Yep, you're right. I had been looking in the datasheet where they chose not to list it. :P

Led Type Beam Angle
Nichia 219 120
XP-G 125
XP-G2 115

If you have any more questions feel free to ask them.

Thanks guys, I also found a tint colour chart too

So after reading scarus link I think B10 bin and a tint about SW50 or SW45 (assuming there is a high CRI SW50). Would that be most preferred choice?

Still lots of reading to be done, thanks again.

What you want is the Nichia 219 H1 in the B10 bin, the H1 is the important part.

@ scaru, so I coppied this and added the 92 CRI on the end just to make sure.

“Nichia 219 (type H-1) B10 bin, 92 CRI”

That just leaves the tint to go?

Exactly, the Nichia 219-H1 comes in these tints: SW27, SW30, SW35, SW40, and SW45. Are you planning on trying to buy them from Nichia? Or Newark/Digikey/Cutter/other electronic sites.

The factory will buy them directly from Nichia I assume.

So it looks like SW45 tint is the best option there.

Basiclly the same they sell at Illumination Supply ?

I have also searched around for a lot of comparison pictures to give them as well.

I’ve just about compiled all the information that I need, perhaps I will gather some comparison pictures as well.

Ok, good luck with the buy! If you have any other questions just post (or PM me), and remember the most important part is the H1 part.

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet. The 219 is not the same size as an XPG. The footprint is about the same, but the substrate is thinner, which makes the 219 sit lower than the XPG. The difference is tiny, but it's enough to create a ringy beam when used with certain XPG reflectors. So if you want a ring-free beam, you have to make sure that the reflector is properly mated to the emitter.

True, but most reflectors will just sit on top of the substrate; but if it does not use that design then you may want to use a slightly thicker mpcb or an OP reflector.

scaru, just wondering, have you done a Nichia 219 build before?

Well, the Nichia is ~0.53mm while the XPG is ~0.73mm. Thats 0.2mm.. wont really have an influence. Most solder connections from emitter to star make a bigger difference.

Yep, I've used them in a few builds.

Wondering which reflectors you used them with? I'm trying to figure out what would give the best results.

I thought about using an XRE reflector and not shimming it as much as I would with an XPG, but I'm not sure.